The first 24 hours in Alicante, Spain

December 12, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Brunch, Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 5 Comments

Yayyyyyy!!! WE WENT TO SPAIN PEOPLE. It was so beautiful, and full of such good food and nice people and we had alot of fun times. It was pretty much my ideal way to go to Europe.  Once we got to Alicante, where Maggie lives, we hopped over to the hotel and then scurried up to the futbol game! This was a super exciting event in town. They were playing the local town over, El Che. Well apparently both teams are really bad, but it was super cool being immersed into the culture immediately!


Then we got to go back to Maggie’s house and have an awesome home cooked meal made by her madre, Carmen and her hermana, Ana. Jaime, her padre, was there too – and both of us realized we love peppermint tea. Awesome funny thing to bond with over a relaxing lunch.


Go check out more pictures and go for the jump!!!

This was one of four dishes prepared for us for lunch. A toasted baguette with carmelized onions, bits of jamon and cheese. I loved the onion flavor. Carmen also made us tortilla espanola, a salad made with greens, olives, bits of bacon, and a soft brie like cheese, and Maggie’s favorite: bread with tomato!  Ana was holding up the salad up there in the picture.


Sweet Ana, made us mini cupcakes made from pulverized Turrón, the local confection in Alicante. She loves baking just like me and we bonded over that a little.


Then after that delicious filling lunch we headed back to the hotel and napped until it was time for Marfi to arrive from her travel extravaganza from Chicago to NYC to London to Barcelona and FINALLY to Alicante. That girl, my cousin, is a champ. So to keep from walking or exerting ourselves too much, we ate dinner in the hotel! I had fish with one mussel, it was alright.


But the next morning it was a bit rainy so we had a nice relaxing breakfast downstairs in the same spot.


This was my meal alllll week. A piece of tortilla espanola, with some toasted bread with tomato puree, evoo and s&p, and some more toasted bread with butter and jam… and some OJ and chamomile tea.


Loooooove me some tortilla espanola. I actually have an exciting Potato recipe challenge coming up in a few weeks where I hope to make one all fancied up!


And I might have followed that breakfast up with a pain au chocolate with some more tea… and some reading material (Three Cups of Tea).


Then it was off to explore some more!


This beautiful path is called the Explanada. I love the tile and the palm trees. Alicante was a perfect place to relax all week. So get excited my readers! There are exactly 12 more posts I have in store about my trip to Spain! I might try to put one up every day!



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  1. Twelve days of Spain, woot woot!

    • yup twelve days of spain. 😀 wish it had been 12 instead of just 7!

  2. Yay! this will be fun seeing all of your Spain postings:-) And that tortilla espanola looks intriguing.

    • Yes I shall make it for you and beffy!

  3. […] publish a guest post from Ana Ibañez Garcia!!! Sweet Ana, Maggie’s hermana in España was featured on the blog earlier in December and agreed to help me with a special potato project by sending me this beautiful compilation of […]

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