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December 14, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Lunch | 3 Comments

SCREEECH. I hereby interrupt my 12 days of Spain with a new excitement in my life that I deemed important to be timely about. Sooooo, you would not believe that the new restaurant in town is the CLOSEST restaurant to my house! Volt Lunchbox opened two weeks ago and the town is a buzzing. Especially our household. Jenn and I have made three visits there in the past 7 days (one together, and two separately) and we can definitely say that this place makes a mean delicious and affordable sandwich.


It also helps that the people working there are awesome, namely Evan and Keith. I had a fun time chatting with them that dark and rainy evening a week ago. On Saturday when I visited with Bethany, Evan made a point to ask me how my meal was, I appreciated it greatly.

Go for the jump to see more pictures!

The light was so pretty on Saturday afternoon. The restaurant decor is similar to Volt, simple, slightly masculine, also very cool.


Bethany and I both got the classic soda, Cheerwine.


Old school sodas are soooo cool. Ha. They also have Mexican Coke!

And, they also have free green apples! Come on, who does that??? 😀

So now let’s get to the food. Bethany my favorite vegetarian went with the most complex veggie option on the menu (the other two are Grilled Cheese and PB&J).

The sandwich comprised of ‘portabella cherry glen farm goat cheese, pesto, piquillo pepper, sourdough’ was so good. The awesome bread, goat cheese and pesto brought it to another level.


Next she got the soup that I had raved about from my first visit. Unfortunately we were not feeling the flavor profile this time.
The mushroom soup made from ‘shiitake roasted peanut, opal basil’ had too much peanut flavor for our taste and the hot chile was too spicy… I was used to the straight mushroom flavor from my first taste a week ago. Maybe we should have mixed it up more? Bethany was able to eat half of it and I finished the rest and by that point in the cup mostly mushroom flavor came through so it was palatable.


I also ordered some soup too, a play on French onion soup- ‘red onion gruyere toast.’. The red onion made it a bit sweeter and the croutons tasted good, but I think I wanted more cheese and a more developed flavor to truly fall in love with it.


But oh how my meal was redeemed by this sandwich!!! Definitely the money sandwich – ‘cuban jerk pork shoulder, ham, pickle, gruyere, mojo sauce, cuban bread.’. This sandwich is da bomb. Once again the good bread, pesto, the home style pickle and tasty meat made me soooo happy to eat. I think I wished the pulled pork was a bit warmer when I was choking down on it, but maybe it was all my photography up front!


So yup, the soup was not hitting the mark but the sandwiches surely were. I will be back, WEEKLY. Excited to try the salads and rest of the sandwiches. From that dinner a week ago, I had gotten the Pilgrim (an ode to thanksgiving) and loved that too.
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  1. I can’t wait to try lunchbox! Hopefully I’ll actually eventually be in town on one of my friday’s off!

  2. I am insanely jealous of your proximity to this place.

    • Well you know you could just move to Frederick. I would welcome you with open arms!!

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