First Fun Dinner in Alicante at La Gitana

December 15, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 4 Comments

Yay back to 12 days of Spain!  After a long afternoon of shopping and sightseeing we all took a nap! Then were back and up and alive to go eat some more!


Check out La Explanada at night. Love the old school lightposts.  Maggie led us into the Barrio (old part of town) and we settled upon a nice little restaurant that had a table outside and cute view of the streets.


The server was fun, the red wine was flowing, there were tons of tapas to be had and even more fun conversation… check out some slightly blurry pictures!

See? Lots of fun options!


We started off with olives. Every good meal on our trip started with olives. For some reason, I was the only one to indulge on those! And this restaurant had some interesting pickled white beans to snack on too.


And then the red wine shenanigans began. 😀 I love my silly Marfi and Maggie.


And then came Maggie’s fave. Pan con tomate!  And boy oh boy was that aioli garlicky. Whoo.


Some more standard tapas…. queso machego and jamon iberico. Both were fantastic. Marfi had so much of the jamon that she was turned off by the sight of it over the next few days. It was that good, it did not stay on the table very long!


This was a dish that Maggie had grown to love while living here. Patatas Bravas. Kind of like a potato salad.


There were more potatoes to be had! Patatas Estroganoff. Creamy Beefy sauce on top of french fries, how can you go wrong?


This was another type of patatas with a tomato sauce. The spanish name escapes me!


Lastly, we were served “salad” – the ensalada rusa – it had mushrooms and green peppers, also very creamy.


The waiter figured out that we were fun. It must have been the fact that we sat there and gabbed, and ate and drank for 4 straight hours!!! He livened up the end of our evening with some sips of lemon flavored liquer. Yum. and FUN.




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  1. Aw, so fun! How nice to be outside with your lovely ladies drinking wine and eating delicious sounds food in Europe. What a great time!

    • 😀

      I wish I could have nights like that allll the time.

  2. Hey that’s not patatas bravas! The one with the red sauce is patatas bravas.

  3. Ah! Love all the posts! You have the patatas bravas wrong though! The red sauce are those. And I think the one that says patatas bravas is the ensalada rusa, I might be wrong on the one. Lets go back! Patatas Bravas yummm

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