El Castillo y La Taberna Del Gourmet

December 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 2 Comments

That siesta was a nice one…. falling asleep to the sound of waves is luxuriously amazing for sleeping. So we woke up and geared up for some hiking! Don’t they look cute in their exercise gear?


The sun was setting very fast (or it was just that we were slow getting up from our siesta) so we were racing to beat the clock!


The castillo was so cool. So historical, magnificent and gorgeous. Keep going to see some views and our delicious fancy dinner out!

And boom! We got to the top!


And took a sweaty group shot (well maybe I’m the only sweaty one. ha)


Then the sun went in and we started to walk down. They use some dramatic lighting on the castillo for sure.


We headed back to the hotel and got all gussied up for a fancy dinner in Alicante. Maggie and her parents had been to this place before, so we knew we were going to get a good meal.


We started off with some olives and salty peanuts.


They brought some mini chorizo to eat with our bread and olive oil.


Jen ordered some mussels for dinner. The mussels were perfectly fresh and cooked well. And the broth was to die for, I swear bread is made just for dipping in such a sauce!


Of course, we had to order a serving of pan con tomate. It was very crispy bread!


And then we were introduced to heaven. What is heaven you ask? A wheel of goat cheese, topped with honey and fresh thyme and broiled to perfection. This was probably the most delicious tasting thing we ate alllll vacation. Maggie was super ga-ga over it. I think Auntie Martha has plans to try to recreate it for her daughter once she is home from Spain!


We also ordered two salads. This one had an amazing simple but delicious dressing and lots of shaved white cheese.


This bread was topped with brie and walnuts. So decadent and almost as good as the goat cheese amazingness seen above.


The bar scene looked very cool here too.


We may or may not have come back to this restaurant two days, later, but you will have to check back in my future posts to see!!! Have a good holiday weekend my friends!



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  1. I love all of that cheese…Yum!

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