La Universidad de Alicante

December 16, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Lunch | Leave a comment

Happy Friday Friends! I think I’ll do some double posting today! So the next morning after our first fun night in town, we went to school!!! Well actually Maggie went to class and then we met her for lunch! There is a little cafe on campus and it has simple delicious dishes.


It was fun going up to the busy counter and getting our bocadillos and fantas. Marfi and I have nice memories of going to Mexico and drinking lots of fanta when we were younger. Go for the jump to see my bocadillo.

I got the bocadillo de chorizito. Thats right chorizo on a roll! And luckily the chorizo had lots of flavor, and maybe a bit too much fattiness for my weird palate. But it went down with help from my Fanta.


Maggie, surprise surprise, got pan con tomate!


Marfi and Jen got some filled dough things that reminded me of Italian calzone!

Then we walked around campus for an hour. There is a cool art museum that has space below/underneath this “pond.” Wait… is that Magga???


Hehehe. There were lots of water features with cool art all over the campus.


And this garden spot reminded Maggie and I of Jurassic Park. Funny thing was we came to that conclusion separately!


You so funny Magga! So we left Maggie to go back to class and then the three of us touristas headed to the beach to walk around a bit. So beautiful.


So then what did we do??? Took a siesta! For later that evening we would be venturing up the mountain. Stay tuned!


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