Livanti and Cien Montaditos

December 19, 2011 at 2:30 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment | Leave a comment

So later that day we went wandering around town and stumbled upon this gelato place. Well maybe we sought out this gelato place from walking by nights before?? Either way it looked cute and no european vacation of mine is complete unless I get to eat gelato!!!


Go see some more pics and the fun dinner and drinks we had later that night too!


So cute and soooo many different flavors! And the amazing part about this place? They have pine nut gelato. I was in HEAVEN.


I paired that with coffee gelato and went to town on this baby. And then we went to town and bought pottery, scarves and other lovely things. 😀 But later that night we got to pretend we were back in college! This place Cien Montaditos has a special on Wednesday nights that you can get a beer or tinto verano and a bocadillo for 2 euros! Thats it! So Maggie’s college friends naturally come here every Wednesday to enjoy themselves.


We jumped on that train and had fun too. Those bocadillos hit the spot and the tinto verano was not bad!


Lots of ham, cheese and special sauces… and the bread wasn’t half bad either!


Maggie comes home on Wednesday yayyyy! But I bet she is going to miss these fun nights with her new amigas.


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