MARQ y Monastrell Barra

December 19, 2011 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Appetizer, Lunch | Leave a comment

Well hellooooooo. My oh my that weekend that just passed was probably one of the most fun filled and packed in one of my life! I love my friends and my family too. But my friends really rock. And this upcoming Christmas weekend is going to be so packed with family time I am certainly going to squeal. Can’t wait to see everyone!!!  But may we go back to Alicante?? Oh yes we may, because look at this view!!! It was from outside our hotel room and it knocked my socks off.


So we had a leisurely morning and then set off to the one cool museum in town: the MARQ.


Very innovative and technically advanced and it was really neat to see the history of the region starting from long long ago.

After the museum we headed to the bar (Monastrell Barra)! Ha! Actually it was for lunch, but we may have drank some white wine… Go check these pics out!


Reaaaally cool ceiling, right? Oh so on to some food…


First we had olives, duh. Well I had olives…


and we had some nice group picture taking.


Then some beautiful dishes started rolling out from the kitchen. Likeeeee these potatoes.


And some croquetas. I dare say even better than the ones I made in January.


Marfi got a steak sandwich… that meat looked kinda strange to me, but she said it was good!


oh look! bread with tomato! yummmm


A nice fresh green salad.


And slightly less fresh salad but with more cheese. 😀


And lastly, some vermicelli pasta with prawns and squid. Jen loved it.


Very nice place to relax and munch before setting out for another long afternoon of shopping!


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