Gaudi y Almuerza

December 22, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Entertainment, Lunch, Travels | 2 Comments

Happy Thirsty Thursday my friends! woooot, I wish I was having a drink right now, but instead I have eaten lots and lots of christmas cookies. Just wait for my Elizabeth’s Cookie Christmas 2011 on Saturday! So when I last left off, we had arrived in Barcelona and had an awesome authentic dinner. The next morning we had a nice breakfast in the hotel and then set off to look at all things Gaudi all around town! First stop was the Casa Mila…


Next stop was SAGRADA FAMILIA!!!! I know you guys have seen all of these cool pictures before, but I was just in such amazement I could not contain myself. I literally walked around this structure and kept saying “This is so awesome… This is so awesome…”


Just as Becca and I discussed tonight, it is so cool to be able to witness such a magnificent structure and be able to see it while it is still in construction. I can’t wait to go back in 30 some odd years to see it completed.  Now go check out some more pictures from around town and a nice quick lunch we had in a random square!

Here was one of the completed stained windows. I think they only started installing these 11 years ago. They are so mosaic like and gorgeous.


Next is me all happy and giddy from walking around in amazement.


Next we took the elevator up to a nice high spot in the structure and then proceeded to walk back down! This shot caught the sunlight in a funny way and I got some green!


Some parts of the descent were nice and pretty and some were terrifying… like the part at the end where its pitch black!



Then we came outside and looked at the Nativity scene. How fitting for this weekend!


Then we walked up to the Park Guell and saw lots more beautiful mosaic details. I remember seeing this in my Spanish classes in high school. It was so cool to be right there.


Here is Marfi in front of Gaudi’s house that he lived in for 20 years nearing the end of his life.


And because I am a funny white girl, I had to throw in a shot of our feet.


Then, well it took awhile, we found a place to eat lunch! And we lucked out!


Because they had coke in glass bottles…


An amazing salad full of meat and cheese….


Nice filling bocadillos… and free Wifi!  Next stop was siesta land! And then a night full of fountain goodness and Mexican/Spanish food!



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  1. I love that this was published at 6am and you’re saying you wish you had a drink. 😀

    And that church is amazing! I, being the ignoramus that I am, have not heard of it. It’s beautiful, and how cool that it’s new!

    • Hahha, I wrote it last night at like 11:30 pm. 😀

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