The Fountain, Columbus and Margarita Blue

December 22, 2011 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 1 Comment

Whaaa whaaa WHAAAAAA. Come on doesn’t that picture just scream a cool entrance theme? Yeah I know I’m right and I also know I’m crazy… crazy bout Barcelona!


We took a quick cab ride to the fountains at Montjuic Castle and had a grand ol time listening to the christmas music and seeing the beautiful water.


Love this shot of the four of us. Love that you can see the water droplets kinda fogging up the lens.ย  Go check out some more fountain shots and our delicious dinner…



See? Pretty fountain. ๐Ÿ˜€


Then we headed South and found Christopher Columbus! Well actually it was a statue of him and my girls had fun mimicking his pose. Then we walked down the street headed East and after unsuccessfully attempting to find a good meal at one restaurant, we smartly went back to this place we had seen along the way.


Margarita blue!ย  Just like our sweet Margarita Magga moo who is now safe and home back in los Estados Unidos.

We started off with sangria….


Then tried one of the appetizers we spotted at another table.. fried green tomatoes with guacamole on top. (Definitely the best dish of the night).


Then patatas bravas!


Then a fresh salad with a big serving of brie cheese.


You might not be able to identify this one, but it was chili atop a baked potato!


We also splurged on a chocolate lava cake. Very dark chocolate flavor… I was too excited to eat it to snap a picture!


Our fun next table dinner companions got this shot of us and he almost gave me a heart attack when he pretended to almost drop my camera! Thanks crazy Spaniard!


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  1. Brava brava!!! Fantastic

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