La Boqueria

December 23, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Appetizer, Entertainment, Lunch, Travels | Leave a comment

The next morning, our last full day in Barcelona, we set off to wander and peruse the big amazing market, La Boqueria!!! I had anticipated this visit for many years – I had heard great things. And it did not disappoint.


It was huge and and busy and full of lots and lots of things to eat. We had fun perusing, then went shopping at El Corte Ingles for a bit and then came back to find random things to eat for lunch! Go for the jump to see lots of pretty foodstuffs.


This stand had lots of beautiful vegetables.


And look!!!! We found strawberries in Spain!! Thank you Marfi for pointing those out to me. I should have bought them…


Then we came upon a candy purveyor and just haaaaaaad to buy some things. I picked up two candied orange slices dipped in chocolate and Marfi got a lot of candied pecans for some christmas presents.


There were pretty fruits….


And lots of hot dried peppers…


And seafood! Glorious stinky seafood!


And olives…. delicious flavorful olives.


And lastly lots of cured dried meat. These stands were probably the most plentiful. Marfi and Jen may have bought some “treats” here for their husbands. Yummmm.

So check back later my friends! For I am posting the last meal in Spain!


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