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December 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 1 Comment

Happy Friday my friends!!! And Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Ahh the holidays are right upon us and I cannot wait to have loads of fun this weekend. Tonight we start the feasting at the Baltimore Country Club and a stop at Joanne & Finn’s holiday party… then tomorrow night Daddy, Laurita and I will be headed to Holy Frijoles for some fun Mexican food, presents and another trip to the Hampden lights!


On Christmas, abuelita will make her fantastic Christmas brunch and then later that night we get to eat Tostadas!!! I can’t wait to help cook allll day long. So here we are at my last post for Spain and I wanted to thank you readers for joining me on this blog adventure of “12 days of Spain!” Check back tomorrow for my Christmas Cookie review! And jump on down to see my last post…

So after we had a nice quick lunch at La Boqueria we started on our mission. Our mission was to complete or mostly complete our Christmas shopping lists. We got to see some beautiful churches and monuments around Barcelona along the way.


I bet this torch had something to do with the Olympics back in 1992! There was a beautiful piano player hammering on a keyboard right next to this. It was lovely.


And then after we became completely and utterly delirious while shopping over 5 hours, we settled upon this hip looking restaurant we had seen on our trips to and from the hotel over the past two days.


Dos Trece! Means 2 13!


And then the silliness ensued. They placed us downstairs, away from the normal and sane customers. It was perfect for us in our insanity and there was soccer playing in the background. Ole futbol!


We started with stuffed peppers. Pimentos de padron. It is goat cheese stuffed mini green peppers with a honey drizzle and sliced almonds.


Then we also had croquetas! Love me some creamy, slightly and crispy unctuous croquetas.

Then we got potatoes, por supuesto! It came with two sauces, one was a spicy adobo style sauce and the other was a kiwi style. Who knew you could pair a kiwi sauce with potatoes?? And I apologize for these blurry pictures… it was dark and I was in the midst of losing my mind from too much walking around furiously buying scarves…


Marfi got the ‘Sweet potato ball served with yogurt sauce and homemade pita bread.’ It was more like a sweet potato latke or something with a nice little salad and pita bread. I have no idea what Magga ordered for her entree… but I got the tortilla española! It was so fitting to end my trip with a dish I so deeply fell in love with. But the toast accompaniment was pretty pointless…


And Jen got the ‘Half moon pasta with brandied shrimp and basil pesto, garnished with cherry tomatoes.’ The picture I took was so ghastly I did not want to do you the disservice of having to view it. And then after we finished our dinner, we still had some wine to imbibe. So we did that, and we may or may not have had a fashion show picture session of all of the scarves we bought, including the fake wooden spoon scarf that Jen so beautifully adorned. 😛 And then our waiter, who had previously laughed at us because we were so out of it, got this last picture of the four of us.


Our trip was positively amazingly fun. And I am so thankful I had the opportunity to do so with these three women that I love so dearly.

That travel bug caught me hard… but no fear my readers, I have planned trips to Chicago AND Long Island for next month! Followed by one to Philly the month after that? And possibly one to Denver in March for St.Patty’s?? Life is surely full of good living and visits to those I love. I could not be happier.


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  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed our place. Hope you back to see us soon.


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