Wordless Wednesday: Lilly time in Bellport, NY

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A Tortilla Española with Shallots and Truffle Oil

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Happy late Tuesday friends. Actually my Monday and Tuesday did not start off happy AT ALL because of the Ravens loss and because of a very hectic time right now at work. But do you know what made me happy recently? Eating this potato omelet for dinner last week!


And did you also know that February is Potato Lover’s Month! Well here is a recipe that you should probably try to make if you are so inclined. I fell in love with this dish in Spain and even got an authentic recipe from an amazing cook in Spain and then got offered an opportunity to remake it on my own and publish it over at the Idaho Potatoes website!


Yup, these potatoes come from Idaho. I’ve been to Idaho once, it was beautiful out there.  So I love this recipe, it takes only about 5 ingredients and a half an hour. A better version of a Claire Robinson Fix Ingredient Fix or Rachel Ray 30 minute meal.

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Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Fun Nights in Chicago

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Lemon, Sausage, & Chard Lasgana for Friday’s with Friends

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Ahh Friday’s with friends. Friday’s with Friends are the best!!!!! Last Friday I was with Bethany, Kelly, and Sister Laurita and we feasted on this dish and then went boogeying at Lith Hall. Tonight, this Purple Friday night, I will be with Gina in Chicago to celebrate her 30th birthday at Schwa. Next Friday night I will be with Jana and Howie in Long Island! Presumably the weekend after that I will be back with B, K and L. The Friday after that I will be in Pottstown, PA with Megan (and will have a visit to Steph and Rich)! And the weekend after that will be in Alexandria, VA with Erica to celebrate her 30th birthday!! SO MANY FRIDAYS WITH FRIENDS I COULD SQUEAL!!!  I was remarking today that the girlfriends in my life bring me so much joy it really is staggering. Thank you my girlfriends, you are the loves of my life.


And what other women are the lights of my life? Or at least the amusements of each day? Four bloggers, two of which I would have never have brought up on here, lest people think I was cray-cray. (You already know I am cray-cray and thats why you love me. :D) Well since I know a wedding in my life is way far out, I don’t regret boasting my love for these blogs: A Practical Wedding, East Side Bride, YoungHouseLove, and A Cup of Jo.  APW has provided alot of advice for me and women I love, East Side Bride is hilarious and very informative for all womanly things (case in point: #boobsweek), YHL is a 50% woman team with Sherry who is very amusing to read and is a wonderwoman when it comes to DIY, and a Cup of Jo just has fun, funny and lovely things to read about. All of these women are witty, they are smart, they are beautiful people that I would love to have as friends. Lucky for me, all of my girlfriends are definitely all of those adjectives, but because most of my BFFs don’t write me daily amusements, I go to those four blogs, every day. Check them out if you are bored one day. So how does this tie into lasagna?? Well I was browsing the archives of A Cup of Jo and saw this recipe. I figured I could incorporate some Tofurky to make it vegetarian and that I could also prepare it before arriving to Bethany’s house so we could eat in 30 minutes or less! Go check it out!!!

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Ana y Carmen’s Tortilla Española

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Today I decided to change up the Wordless Wednesday theme and publish a guest post from Ana Ibañez Garcia!!! Sweet Ana, Maggie’s hermana in España was featured on the blog earlier in December and agreed to help me with a special potato project by sending me this beautiful compilation of photos and recipe of her mother’s tortilla española.


Here is lovely Carmen. She treated Maggie like a queen in that household and fed her amazingly. We were so lucky to be able to have a specially prepared lunch on our visit. So without further ado, please go for the jump to see pictures and the recipe!

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New Year’s Tamales

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Woooooot. How was that first Monday of work for ya’ll? Mine was a doozy. I have a feeling this year is going to be full of hard work and lots of hard exercising. But I am up for the challenge!!!! And this is evident by the 5 hour long cooking challenge I took on last Monday. I made tamales people!!!!!! And I took two of them to Abuelita’s this past Saturday and she proclaimed them very good.


How bout that skill??? I am fully turning into the future awesome Mexican grandma that I want to become someday.  So my roommate, her sister, and friends from church all settled down in our cozy family room to spend the day watching Jim Carrey movies. It was great and so was our meal. So go for the jump to see more of this process and the delicious poblano, spinach and queso fresco rice dish I made to accompany our meal.

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The Ultimate New Years Eve Dessert

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Yup, this was a winner. A prepackaged full of high fructose corn syrup winner. I was headed down to Alexandria to celebrate New year’s with my best buddy Erica and some new friends 😉 and it dawned on me that we should probably bring something to a party we were stopping by. So while I was in Wegman’s at 3 pm on New Year’s Eve frantically running around getting stuff for our Jim Carrey Movie Watching Tamale Party on Monday I remembered this one dessert from Kevin & Amanda.

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar!!!!

If you recall back to the first posts in the new year I had written in 2010 and 2011, they were all talking about health! Well I am still getting back on that health train! But for me this year, it includes mucho exercising and not buying chips, etc to snack on at night. I eat verrrry healthy during the day at work, but my boredom or whatever fails me at night. So yeah this display of dessert insanity right here is not fitting with these new habits I would like to develop but whatevs!

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy New Year!!

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