Wordless Wednesday: Good times with Good Friends

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Feasting on Friday

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Happy Friday my friends. This Friday starts with much anticipation of a feast I am making tonight for this new fellow I am fond of. I’m making a grand roast chicken and a delicious chocolate souffle for dessert. Cross your fingers no kitchen disasters come my way tonight!

This week was pretty easy in comparison to nearly every other one of this new year. I got back to basics in my evenings and it has given me much solace. The season finale of Downton Abbey started off the week with a bang. I am so enthralled with that show! So much so that I took to watching Downton Tabby in order to maintain my “fix” for that show. Yes I admit it, I need to go through detox! I also got in a couple of evening runs, a good strengthening workout with Kendra, and I started and finished this book. An amazing story of the life of a woman in China in the 1830’s. Fascinating! Next week I hope to blog about said feast and start another book and get that sewing machine cracking again and have one or two dinners with my amiga Erica who will be in town!! Oh and continue the no snacking effort which succeeded pretty well this week, you see, I just bought this dress for Lilly’s 1st birthday party and I am determined to look smashing in it!

But for now I leave you with two songs I am currently addicted to… this one is pretty, hopeful and has good energy.

This band is relatively new… and produced a very happy and sexy tune.

Wordless Wednesday: Galavanting around Great Falls

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Cooking in Chicago

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Woottttttt. It’s Friday. And I’m up early, today (fingers crossed) will be an easy one at work and then I have a hot date in Frederick! Going to the wine kitchen, which I have yet to blog about, and that will probably have to wait. Big camera is not coming with me. 😀

So before I get to the food, check out my favorite songs from the week. This might become a thing ya’ll! Having Sirius Radio has really improved my new music awareness. It makes me mucho happy. (That’s really good Spanish right there I know!)

My coworker likes to remind me of this statement while I’m freaking myself out at work with all of the “fires” I have to put out. 😀

And this one is just a happy hopeful song. Much like my demeanor when I think about the happy things going on in my life.

So while in Chicago, we went to our buddy April’s place to watch the Patriots play. (I know this trip was awhile ago!) I wanted to make sure we brought something delicious. Since Gina and I are both in lurrrveeee with Pioneer Woman, I went searching on her site and found the Black Eyed Pea Dip! Fast Easy Tasty = sold.

See that cheesy pea (with good manicure) footage right there? Oh yeah. Go for the jump to see the steps…

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Surprisingly Silly Schwa

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Shall we do this? Shall I actually do a real blog post about food??? I thought my crazy afternoon at work was going to leave me in a funk tonight, but really, there are too many good things going on in my life to let work bring down my day. The theme I have brought home from this week is that I really enjoy having long meals with lots of laughing. It really is what is going to sustain my life. Laughing with the ones I love. So here, this Friday night many weeks ago, Gina, Jon, April and I had a good night laughing and eating crazy food.

Schwa is unlike any restaurant I have ever been to and probably an experience that can never be duplicated! The place is crazy, like cray cray for real. From checking out Yelp, we knew to get our own drinks for the evening and also knew its good to bring some beers for the kitchen, so that we did! Go for the jump to see lots more details and pictures!

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Party Hardy Friday

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People people!!! I have not had many written words on this blog in awhile. They just weren’t coming to me. This week I slowly got out of my funk by one-buying a new mac book pro and watching ALL of the episodes of Downton Abbey and then also having free time to bake some cake, sew some cording, frost said cake and have fun nail painting time. This pretty good week will culminate tonight into a GREAT 30TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR ERICA! Happy Birthday my Erica!!!! Love you SO.


Pretty good looking cake right?? I hope it is moist and delicious tonight!! Recipe from here, with advice from Miss Beth.


I also went crazy with glitter nail polish. Clearly my life cannot have too much glitter. I almost dropped dead from happiness when I saw pink Essie glitter nail polish called a Cut Above at Wally world.

And I have now entered the world of Instagram. I am OBSESSED. Hope my followers don’t get annoyed with my daily posts! So I have yet to write about Schwa from Chicago and some cooking I did while I was there. But fear not! I will get to it. But for now, I think I might delve into a new blog content, one where I talk about music, fashion, whatever. I am excited to not just talk about food. So I leave you with my two new favorite songs.

That man’s eyes are to die for.

The slow motion in this one is rather fun.

Happy Friday Folks!

Wordless Wednesday: Snowy Evening in Frederick

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Wordless Wednesday: Nice Evening for a Run

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