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Shall we do this? Shall I actually do a real blog post about food??? I thought my crazy afternoon at work was going to leave me in a funk tonight, but really, there are too many good things going on in my life to let work bring down my day. The theme I have brought home from this week is that I really enjoy having long meals with lots of laughing. It really is what is going to sustain my life. Laughing with the ones I love. So here, this Friday night many weeks ago, Gina, Jon, April and I had a good night laughing and eating crazy food.

Schwa is unlike any restaurant I have ever been to and probably an experience that can never be duplicated! The place is crazy, like cray cray for real. From checking out Yelp, we knew to get our own drinks for the evening and also knew its good to bring some beers for the kitchen, so that we did! Go for the jump to see lots more details and pictures!

Our reservation was for 9:30 and we got there at 9:10 and realized there was not going to be any place to stand inside, so we hung out in the portico and then back in the car! Still once it was 9:30 our table was almost done with their dinner, so we made a little bar at another smaller table and had champagne! The chef/waiter nicely brought us wine glasses. Once we sat down and got acclimated, these little glasses came to us.

It was a soda infused with herbs! I think I remember some sage and thyme flavor? (Excuse my memory of this meal, it has been a good solid month).


Next was our first actual course. It was a crab dish with a crispy piece of pancetta and a smear of a fruit (passion fruit?) puree on the side of the dish. Loved all the flavors.


Next was the most homey dish of the evening. Potato Soup with all of the typical accoutrements that normally top a baked potato! Nice cheddar cheese, a chive puree, sour cream, and deliciously fried up pieces of really good bacon. I really loved this dish, even if it was too salty for my palate.


Then we got to what I liked to call “orgasm in my mouth.” Seriously. It was a quail egg raviolo with some shavings of white truffle on top. I litterally tilted my head back in pure mouth ecstasy when I slurped down this baby. (Is that too graphic for you? Well its the truth!!!)


Then we had some more pasta! With more truffles! (It seriously was the theme of the night). I think this one had some celery root and apple flavors to it? Real good.


Then came one of the most interesting dishes. Sous vide salmon with grapefruit sauce, micro cilantro and more truffle! Mis amigos could not take the half-cooked texture of the fish, and I was teetering on the edge of that opinion too, but the flavors were so good, I ate it daringly!


Then came one of the well received dishes of the night. A nice piece of halibut (??) with some panko and other toppings and a mango sauce? The texture of this fish was perfection and the other ingredients really made it stand out.


Next was a little treat. Mustard flavored ice cream with a big dollop of caramel. Boy did I love that caramel, and the mustard was so unexpected! I liked it.


Then we went back into savory land with some pork (or was it mushrooms??). Either way there was some foam and some popcorn flavored fluffy bits in the corner. This dish reminded me of buttery corn heaven.


This next dish was a little daring for me. It was veal heart with huckleberries and a creamy white puree (sunchoke?). I ate a baby cows heart?? WTF! It was good thought with the sweet berries. Thank you baby cow.


Here was another little treat for us. A pretzel sphere with some beer flavored foam. The texture on this one was too wet for me.


Then we started to get even more fancy! This one really reminded me of my Alinea meal. It was a sweet cake baked onto a flower stem with some foam. We ate the cake right off of the leafed stem. It was so tasty.


And voila, the last dish of the evening! A man’s dessert as I called it. It was overwhelmingly amount of rootbeer for my taste. And they even served it with rootbeer soda! Pretty cool. There was chocolate powder, chocolate ice cream, a nice little cookie biscuit and rootbeer ganache and a root beer candy jelly.


Totally out of this world and random, but also very good. So how bout that? 13 courses in about 3 hours! We ate and laughed and ate and laughed some more. It was perfect.


Here was me with one of the chef/waiters. These guys were super fun and enjoyingly put up with me and my foodie retorts and picture taking. And the whole time we ate this meal? Kick ass loud music was playing. Ace of Spades, some Notorious BIG, and my favorite of the evening – Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Such cute chefs! Ahhhh, good times with my good friends.


Can’t wait for my next crazy weekend in Chicago! But stay tuned for some more cooking we did that weekend!

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