Cooking in Chicago

February 17, 2012 at 8:38 am | Posted in Appetizer, Entertainment | Leave a comment

Woottttttt. It’s Friday. And I’m up early, today (fingers crossed) will be an easy one at work and then I have a hot date in Frederick! Going to the wine kitchen, which I have yet to blog about, and that will probably have to wait. Big camera is not coming with me. 😀

So before I get to the food, check out my favorite songs from the week. This might become a thing ya’ll! Having Sirius Radio has really improved my new music awareness. It makes me mucho happy. (That’s really good Spanish right there I know!)

My coworker likes to remind me of this statement while I’m freaking myself out at work with all of the “fires” I have to put out. 😀

And this one is just a happy hopeful song. Much like my demeanor when I think about the happy things going on in my life.

So while in Chicago, we went to our buddy April’s place to watch the Patriots play. (I know this trip was awhile ago!) I wanted to make sure we brought something delicious. Since Gina and I are both in lurrrveeee with Pioneer Woman, I went searching on her site and found the Black Eyed Pea Dip! Fast Easy Tasty = sold.

See that cheesy pea (with good manicure) footage right there? Oh yeah. Go for the jump to see the steps…

It starts with black eyed peas. Which are very hard to find in the canned vegetable aisle. For some reason my head wanted to search in the bean section (must have been all those good times at Schwa the night before…). But DUH Elizabeth, they are with the other peas! Gina helped me mash them up.


We cut up a nice big onion.


Put in a nice dollop of sour cream!


Some jalapeños, for some tasty flair. (Yup I said flair. It must be Friday??)


And lastly, cheese and salsa!!!


So that all got mixed together and the cheese went on top and in it went at 350 degrees and baked for 20 minutes. I really liked it. Different than your normal dip and I might say that it makes it a little healthier with peas instead of beans? Who knows!

So my friends, I will leave you with a picture of beautiful miss Allie.  Those blue blue eyes and cute little lips are just too much! and that hat is awesome no? Yay for Target miniature person purchases!

Love my Giner and her familia. So happy we had an awesome weekend together back in January.


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