Feasting on Friday

February 24, 2012 at 7:47 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Pinterest | 7 Comments

Happy Friday my friends. This Friday starts with much anticipation of a feast I am making tonight for this new fellow I am fond of. I’m making a grand roast chicken and a delicious chocolate souffle for dessert. Cross your fingers no kitchen disasters come my way tonight!

This week was pretty easy in comparison to nearly every other one of this new year. I got back to basics in my evenings and it has given me much solace. The season finale of Downton Abbey started off the week with a bang. I am so enthralled with that show! So much so that I took to watching Downton Tabby in order to maintain my “fix” for that show. Yes I admit it, I need to go through detox! I also got in a couple of evening runs, a good strengthening workout with Kendra, and I started and finished this book. An amazing story of the life of a woman in China in the 1830’s. Fascinating! Next week I hope to blog about said feast and start another book and get that sewing machine cracking again and have one or two dinners with my amiga Erica who will be in town!! Oh and continue the no snacking effort which succeeded pretty well this week, you see, I just bought this dress for Lilly’s 1st birthday party and I am determined to look smashing in it!

But for now I leave you with two songs I am currently addicted to… this one is pretty, hopeful and has good energy.

This band is relatively new… and produced a very happy and sexy tune.



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  1. Yum – hope the feast turns out well! Roast chicken is always such a crowd pleaser, I need to remember to make that more often!

    • Yes. It’s winner winner chicken dinner!

  2. yay yay yay!

    • πŸ˜€ hehe Beth. love you.

  3. Yeah Downton and yeah E! You are going to look smashing in that dress.

  4. mmmm dinner with Elizabeth! Highlight of my week next week!

  5. Yummy dinner, glad it was a success. So did you like the Snow Flower book? I found it fascinating… Did you ever read the Geisha book? Must BLOG!!!

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