Pre-Festival Frittata and Feast

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Happy Friday Folks! It’s amazing how long ago last weekend feels.  Erica, her fella Mike, and I did alot of cooking in her tiny kitchen last week and amazingly (well not amazingly :P) everything turned out super delicious.

This photo shows the last meal we made that weekend and if you go for the jump below, you can see the first thing we (well Mike) made that weekend!

final frita

What does one eat before imbibing a good amount of Guinness and Harp? Well greasy food of course! I settled on a “mexican-esque” frittata and bacon. Go for the jump….

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Wordless Wednesday: Splendid Saturday

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Irish Carbomb Cupcakes and Freedom

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Yes, yes St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but Erica and I still made these cupcakes!! They came in very handy this past weekend. We got to celebrate our friend Bill’s birthday with them, they turned out to be a good first breakfast for Saturday, they were a nice treat to take to my friend Allison and Rob’s place and they were brought to a Mad Men party by Erica! They really turned out to be one of the best cupcake recipes I have ever made. The cake recipe was very chocolatey and perfectly moist, the ganache filling really makes these cupcakes so decadent and the buttercream frosting is just SO TASTY.

I’m glad that these cupcakes have affirmed my talents with baking. But I’m also very glad something else has been affirmed recently. Sunday morning after visiting with my friends Allison and Rob, I was wondering what to do with my afternoon. I really wanted to see the Hunger Games, so I made a plan instantaneously and then five hours later my sister, my cousin, my momma and Laynie were with me in the theater! As I was leaving DC I was really struck with an epiphany- I get to do whatever I want with my time. The world is totally my oyster and one- I need to use that free time to do the best things I can and two- I should be thankful for this freedom now while I have it. I’ve been listening to some sermons recently and also have been listening to Dr.Laura.  God has really given me an awesome opportunity to do amazing things with my freedom right now and Dr.Laura is reminding me that I need to take control of my life and be accountable for all the things I want in life and how I treat people.  I’m amazed that I finally feel like I am starting the new chapter of my life. So on that note, go for the jump to see these cupcakes being made!

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Foggy Friday in Frederick

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Check out these eery pictures around my town!! I was motivated to get up early and walk to the post office this morning before work and then I decided to walk around downtown for awhile. Love relaxed Friday mornings!!  This week was full of workouts, some sewing, some cooking and some baking. Basically all I need to be happy after work! Need to cut down on the snacking though… please God give me strength to do that…


This weekend will have lots of good times with my best girl Erica. Her fella Mike will be making us dinner tonight and then we will have fun frosting up some Irish themed cupcakes (recipe here). Tomorrow we will be having a jolly good time in the rain showers while listening to some awesome music at Shamrock Fest! This video is of one of my favorite Irish songs from the Pogues. While we won’t be seeing them, surely some good tunes will come from IceWagon Flu and the Dropkick Murphy’s!

Hope you all have a great weekend as well 😀 Go for the jump to see one more foggy picture and a quick pantry meal I made for dinner!

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Wordless Wednesday: A Happy Productive Weekend

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Strawberries in Paris is Four!

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It literally boggles my mind that I have been going strong with this blog for FOUR years (that’s as long as college!). I am so proud of the creativity I have developed along the way, how this blog has blossomed and that my friends and family following has stayed with me all this time!

I’m looking to start a new lease in my life right now. I want to be a strong independent woman who will be able to take care of herself (of course with some help from family and friends) but without a man. I want to start my 30’s as a smart responsible woman with her sh*t together. I gotta start taking care of myself better!!! So we will see how that is reflected on the blog soon (who knows where it will take me! – wellll God knows!)

So I leave you with some perspective shots…

Thank you readers for reading and commenting and supporting. And thank you blog for existing these past four years so I could chart this wild ride. 😀


Green Friday and Feasting with Familia

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Happy early St Patrick’s Day Ya’ll! There will certainly be some Guinness pints in my future tomorrow with the cookbook club crew.  Next weekend will complete the green celebrations with some awesome cupcakes in store with Erica and the Shamrock Festival. Can’t wait to listen to Icewagon Flu and Dropkick Murphy’s! But for now, I have minty green nails….

And I’ve been jamming to Two Door Cinema Crew alot this week.

So this past weekend I did alot of cooking at Abuelita’s. Marfi was in town from Denver for a bridal shower and so we alllll got together for a big dinner on Sunday. I am so happy my usually rowdy social schedule was clear so I could do a lot of cooking for grandma and make tamales!!! We had a great poblano & chorizo appetizer, asado de plaza with frijoles, the tamales, and green cupcakes and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Did I ever tell you my familia likes to eat? Well we do!!! And it made a good amount of leftovers so that was awesome. Go for the jump to see some more dinner pictures!

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Wordless Wednesday: Weekend with mi Familia

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Festive Potato Salad

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Hey look! Another potato post! Yup, the folks at the Idaho Potato Commission challenged us to make another potato recipe, this time a potato salad. I pulled my inspiration from Auntie Helen! She used to make this back in the day for the Christmas Holiday Season. I think it would work well in any season actually!

The red Idaho potatoes are the perfect earthy background for all of these bright flavors. The fresh crunchy green beans, the nuttiness from the toasted pine nuts, and the balsamic dressing is offset nicely by the slightly sweet roasted red pepper slices. It’s a very unexpected potato salad. I think it’s a happy departure from the typical mayonnaise laden varieties that you often see in the summertime.

Go for the jump to see more details and the recipe!

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Chocolate Cookies for the Beloveds of Oscar Mayer

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I know it might seem unlikely that alot of my friends from college were on the Equestrian team, since I had never ridden a horse myself… but they were. Jana, Erica, Gigi, Jesica, Lynsi, Muffy.. They all had horses growing up. Two of those horses, Oscar and Monty, I have gotten to know pretty well in the past years since college. They have been trusty steeds in which to visit and ride on. There’s something about looking into the eye of a giant horse and sensing a knowing between he and I. This past Tuesday, Oscar Mayer, Jana’s beloved horse had to be put down. I was deeply saddened by the news.

I really wish I could give Jana and her mom, Joyce, a big hug today, but because I am five hours away, I decided to send cookies. Cookies cure all woes of the heart, right? Well I hope a little.

Sweet Oscar, was always trying to find the peppermints and carrots hidden away in my coat pockets. He loved pushing his snout up against my chest. I’m really going to miss those fun visits on her parents property. It’s going to be very hard going to their house in two months for Lilly’s birthday party and see an empty pen.

I hope you are in horsey heaven up there dear Oscar. I hope there is lots of clover to eat too. Go for the jump to see the cookies I sent.

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