Greek food for the Chemists

March 6, 2012 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Dinner | 2 Comments

It had been a very long while since the Frederick lady chemists had gotten together. Kendra suggested we make a meal at her house and so off we went onto the food network site and came up with this Rachel Ray recipe! I know, I know… But since what we would be making, I had made riffs on in the past from Ina and other greek recipes, I knew this one would turn out good.

I was lazy and forgot the fancy camera, so iPhone 4S it was! And some instagram just to up the ante.  So we had greek meatballs with a yogurt tzatziki sauce, a feta, lemon and dill orzo salad and some sauteed kale. The pasta salad, kale, and yogurt sauce turned out awesome, but I think the meatballs could have been improved upon. Go check out some more pictures!

I do not recall tzatziki sauce using macerated cucumber, but so it did! That and greek yogurt, some dill, some fresh lemon juice and zest and some garlic really made the perfect tasty sauce.

Ah dill. You might just be my favorite herb ever. Too bad this batch from wegmans was verrrry wet and spoiled after like two days in the fridge!

The orzo was quick to cook and easy to combine with the feta, lemon juice, olive oil, dill and some fresh oregano.  I encountered Kendra’s awesome technique of cooking kale on the stove too. She takes 1 tbsp of olive oil, heats it up in a big wide saucepan, then adds garlic, some red pepper flakes, salt and then as much kale as you can fit into the pan! After mixing a bit, she put the lid on for about 5 minutes and ta-da awesome slightly crunchy delicious kale. I actually re-made it myself tonight and it turned out marvelous! Who knew you get could vegetables to taste that good in like 5 minutes total.

And voila! Dinner was served!   Actually, Kendra and I had fun with out hands making the meatballs. Lots of ingredients in there. Check out the link above to see about that. I wish that we had gone with Kendra’s instinct to saute them in some oil first to get a nice crust on the outside. Baking at 375 for 18 minutes didn’t really give them that delectable character I usually associate with meatballs. But they were edible and had lots of flavor from the fresh herbs and things.   Virginia brought some white Greek wine so that made dinner fun too.

And here is the Tilly Tally kitty. She’s my favoriteeeeee. And she wanted to sit where Virginia was intending, so you know how that went!

I am so excited for the three of us to get together more in the future, because Virginia is coming back to our company so I get to see her like 3 times a week now! Hooorah!!!

Love spending time at Kendra’s house! Really glad we could cook together. 😀



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  1. I made her classic meatballs, I’ll have to try these. I love Greek food 🙂

    • Yeah they had a lot of good flavor from all of the ingredients! They just needed to be cooked in some oil rather than baked!

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