Chocolate Cookies for the Beloveds of Oscar Mayer

March 9, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dessert, Pinterest | Leave a comment

I know it might seem unlikely that alot of my friends from college were on the Equestrian team, since I had never ridden a horse myself… but they were. Jana, Erica, Gigi, Jesica, Lynsi, Muffy.. They all had horses growing up. Two of those horses, Oscar and Monty, I have gotten to know pretty well in the past years since college. They have been trusty steeds in which to visit and ride on. There’s something about looking into the eye of a giant horse and sensing a knowing between he and I. This past Tuesday, Oscar Mayer, Jana’s beloved horse had to be put down. I was deeply saddened by the news.

I really wish I could give Jana and her mom, Joyce, a big hug today, but because I am five hours away, I decided to send cookies. Cookies cure all woes of the heart, right? Well I hope a little.

Sweet Oscar, was always trying to find the peppermints and carrots hidden away in my coat pockets. He loved pushing his snout up against my chest. I’m really going to miss those fun visits on her parents property. It’s going to be very hard going to their house in two months for Lilly’s birthday party and see an empty pen.

I hope you are in horsey heaven up there dear Oscar. I hope there is lots of clover to eat too. Go for the jump to see the cookies I sent.

As soon as the idea popped in to my head to make cookies, I went straight to pinterest and typed in chocolate chip. Fortunately I found this first pin and it was settled! I was super pleased that the recipe was painless and the cookies turned outstandingly well.

I got to use my cappuccino chips from Auntie Helen’s christmas present and I added some espresso powder to the butter chocolate mixture too to make the cookies even more chocolatey.

Go here for the recipe.

Here they are all laid out. The big ol chocolate chips I like to use (Ghiradelli baking chips) sure are melty for an hour or so after baking.

Ahhh sweet care package goodness. I swear I live for making care packages. Something about tying things up with ribbon and decorating the shipping box with lots of fun Crayola marker goodness makes my heart smile.

And a nice delectable bite taken out of this one.  These babies are en route to Long Island! Here’s hoping they get there in one piece!


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