Green Friday and Feasting with Familia

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Happy early St Patrick’s Day Ya’ll! There will certainly be some Guinness pints in my future tomorrow with the cookbook club crew.Β  Next weekend will complete the green celebrations with some awesome cupcakes in store with Erica and the Shamrock Festival. Can’t wait to listen to Icewagon Flu and Dropkick Murphy’s! But for now, I have minty green nails….

And I’ve been jamming to Two Door Cinema Crew alot this week.

So this past weekend I did alot of cooking at Abuelita’s. Marfi was in town from Denver for a bridal shower and so we alllll got together for a big dinner on Sunday. I am so happy my usually rowdy social schedule was clear so I could do a lot of cooking for grandma and make tamales!!! We had a great poblano & chorizo appetizer, asado de plaza with frijoles, the tamales, and green cupcakes and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Did I ever tell you my familia likes to eat? Well we do!!! And it made a good amount of leftovers so that was awesome. Go for the jump to see some more dinner pictures!

On Saturday, Auntie Martha came over and we helped grandma with roasting the poblanos for the appetizer, cooking the meat and potatoes for the asado de plaza (recipe updated in detail there now) and we made the tamales (recipe on cookbook club site)! Woot.

Here is the tamale dried pepper/chicken stock concoction that you use to make the masa dough. SO MUCH FLAVOR.

And I weeded out the moldy husks and soaked the good ones in warm water for an hour!

But then we were ready to start. Grandma had already boiled and shredded the chicken previously so all we had to go was saute that with the onions, etc and then get the masa dough ready! She was a whiz stuffing all those! And I tied them all up!

26 total! YUM.

Sunday we were back in action again and I got the masa ready for the fresh tortillas and made the appetizer.

We tried a new brand of Masa. Didn’t like it as much. Next time we will go back to using Maseca!

And watered and rolled them all up! Marfi had the lovely task of pressing them and cooking them later in the day.

For the poblano chorizo appetizer it was pretty simple. Took 5 poblanos, roasted in oven, peeled off skin and then cut into bite size pieces. Placed those onto alumnium foil lined cookie sheet to prepare. Then took 3 large packages of chorizo (should have taken a picture of that package!) and sauteed the heck out it to release the fatty juices and brown the meat. I definitely skimmed off all that liquid shown above. Once the meat was cooked, I topped the poblanos with the chorizo and then added 2.5 bags of shredded monterrey jack cheese and then baked the whole thing in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 (with some broiling) until cheese is brown and everything is heated. Serve that with a fresh masa tortilla and voila! Mexican appetizer. πŸ˜€

So after we had our appetites whet, we got to more cooking for the entree. Marfi got some love from Abuelita. Abuelita hugs are the best!!

And we reheated the tamales in the oven. I was very happy with our creations!

And we had fun gabbing/planning family stuff (Easter, Auntie Helen’s prebridal fun day, her wedding, my mom’s new condo, etc etc) and playing our new favorite app- Draw Something. I’m so happy and lucky I have all 15 of them to help me with my life. I love them SO MUCH.


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