Peanut Butter Cookies and Podcasts

April 27, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 2 Comments

Let’s hear it for FRIDAYS!!! Yeah I’m that happy this week is over. Sometimes my occupation leaves me with no time to breathe or relax… or maybe I’m just being dramatic. But it wasn’t too fun. On Wednesday however, I had time to listen to some Dr.Laura and some Homefries podcasts… and I went on a walk and reheated some leftovers and then went to my happy place in the kitchen.


Making these simple peanut butter cookies was real fun. I saw the recipe from Cup of Jo and instantly thought, “oh! I could give them to my coworkers for all their help this week! and oh! I could give to my mom’s movers after all is said and done on Friday! and maybe there was an oh! I can eat some!”

Well the last one has already happened, and then first one went well, now its just that middle one that will prove to be an adventure all weekend. So go for the jump to see more cookie stuff that and just go have an awesome end of April adventure this weekend! And shout out to Beffy – it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday Beffy!!!


Cookie scooped peanut butter balls. sounds weird right.


Fork pressed! There is something about the look of fork pressed cookies that just reminds me of my childhood hanging with my mama.


and I made sure to put a nice smathering of vanilla sugar atop each one.


Cooling Cookies! Super good. Kinda sandy/dry on the outside but then kinda chewy on the inside. Maybe next time I would only cook them 13 minutes, instead of 15 to make them chewier. Either way, super easy recipe and it resulted in good flavor and a perfectly good peanut butter cookie. 😀



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  1. I love your suspended cookie photo in the header. Perfection.

  2. Ok so I actually make these and they are from the better homes & Gardens cookbook but I substitute crisco for 1/3 of the butter as it gives it a really nice texture, also I use superchunk!!! as I like those bits of PB in my cookie. Glad your week went well. BIG Hugs!

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