Wordless Wednesday: Loving on Lils

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Elizabeth’s Gazpacho

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That summer feeling is surely coming upon me. Especially now that I’m in Long Island on my mini- 1st birthday party vacation!! If you can remember from last year, their backyard is the perfect little oasis. We have a big Lilly Pulitzer themed party in the works for Sunday afternoon. I handmade a couple of cute additions to the soiree, so stayed tuned for that next week and the debut of my new Lilly dress! Can you guess what the print is?? 😀

So to start off that summer feeling, I made a quick gazpacho in the blender on Monday night while on the phone with my buddy from work. (I know, how we actually continued a conversation with the loud buzzing in the background is amazing to me..)


I looked up Jose Andres’ recipe and made some additions of my own based off a Tyler Florence favorite and recommendations from a Spanish friend of my friend Alice’s.


3 lbs off the vine tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 hothouse cucumber, half of it pulverized and half of it minced
2 tsp sherry vinegar
1 french roll from wegmans
1 cup olive oil
2 tsp salt
3/4 cup of feta cheese
garnish of fresh thyme, just a little to not overwhelm the other flavors

Directions: Blend all ingredients except feta cheese and minced cucumber in blender over 3 batches. Add cheese and cucumber, chill overnight. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve chilled with a touch of olive oil, feta and thyme for garnish.

I think it’s my best batch of gazpacho yet!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend my friends!!

Also check out my song addiction for this week. Things in my life seem to be coming together recently. I definitely feel like I am high on life again. Keep your fingers crossed that an awesome opportunity comes to fruition next week! So all in all, I am so much stronger and more aware and proud of myself than I was at this point last year. SO BLESSED!

Wordless Wednesday: Music, Baseball and Running Weekend

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Strawberry Picking with Jen

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Are you ready to be amazed?? It has literally been like 15 years since I went strawberry picking. My mom used to be in charge of the strawberry festival every year at our church and I remember fun days of strawberry picking followed by that glorious Saturday morning preparing the strawberries for the fifty or so strawberry shortcakes to be eaten by all in the afternoon. Maybe this is why I’m so obsessed? I mean, come on- juicy cut up strawberries with vanilla ice cream and delicious sweet biscuits is really where its at. And mamacita bought me alot of Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia when I was little.. anyways I digress. Saturday morning I had planned on stopping at the Frederick Farmer’s Market to get a quart, but then Jen, sweet Jen started texting me to inquire about my plans for the remaining part of the weekend. Apparently, the strawberry fields at her CSA – Flying Plow Farm were ripe for the picking and asked me to join her. WELL DUH I SAID YES.


Here is one of the beautiful red gems I picked up from the field. Now go for the jump to see more fun pictures full of strawberry goodness.

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Pasta and Funnies by the Creek

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Happy Friday Ya’ll. This week went by fast! And by fast I mean that in the most pleasant way. Last night I ventured with my reheated pasta dish and one bottle of berry wheat beer (thank you Beffy for those like 5 months ago!)  to watch the Alive at Five show. And yeah that pasta dish, standard, not amazing, but since this is a food blog, it had peas, kale, navy beans, some vanilla yogurt (which was odd in actuality) and lots of random dried herbs. The addition of a sauce kind of thing would have greatly increased the eatability of that dish, but since it was only for me, who gives!?


As I listened to the swing music, the Natty Beaux’s anyone??, and devoured those carbs, I finished off the amazing crazy strange funny book from Jenny Lawson Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. That woman has the most interesting brain I have ever had the pleasure of delving into. Most of the insane stories were almost too crazy for me to find them funny, this is why I think I’m weird sometimes. Like how The Office can be too much? or too unrealistic that I just can’t bring myself to laugh.  Anyways, she is a hoot. There was one good quote at the end of the book, “Because you are defined not by life’s imperfect moments, but your reaction to them. Because there is joy embracing rather than running screaming from – the utter absurdity of life.” As I look back on my twenties, there have been MANY utterly absurd moments, but I have always left those events with a good dose of it happened for a reason all while being thankful. I’m happy with myself that I am starting to question or take a moment before I react too quickly to any situation and I know that is going to help me through my dirty thirties. (yeah they probably won’t be dirty, but it just sounds cool.)

And on that prophetical note, I leave you with this song that has make me feel so chill and cool this week and my weekly manicure. Peace baby, peace. Peace is coming my way and I am embracing it with a subtle smirk on my face.


Wordless Wednesday: A weekend with Mommies

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A Sunday Brunch for the Mommies

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I am just so happy from this past weekend. I had so much fun with mamacita at the Oriole’s game on Friday and helped her hang up/wire the fan in her new bedroom and then had good times with Abuela and Abuelo on Saturday night. The next morning Abuelita and I got up early and starting working on brunch! It was really supposed to be me and Scotty doing all of the work, but Abuelita did her good share. Scotty brought the most beautiful and delicious lemon scones and helped so much with the french toast and omelette making. Isn’t this the cutest picture??


Abuelita was channeling her inner Paula Deen layering on the butter for the french toast. NO wonder they tasted so good!!!  Yes I happily writing this blog post because I am surely recognizing that time spent with my mama and grandma is really the best way I can spend my time. AND, work is pretty calm and I’ve been exercising so much! Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes just as well. Go for the jump to see some more cute pictures and some delicious food.

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A Mexican Feast with Strawberry Tart and Friday Ramblings!

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Phew! This week is almost over! It was a much better week than last so for that I am thankful. Things are definitely not ideal in parts of my life, but I am so happy I have so many good friends and a wonderful family to share the happy moments. In other news, I worked out three times this week! Running is making my ankle wonky the next day, but that doesn’t last more than a day! May is breezing along so fast. Excited to hang with mama and abuelita this weekend and attend my friend Stephanie’s baby shower on Saturday!

Here are two songs making me happy this week…. The first one is so poppy, but it gives me energy so thats cool!

This next video from the Shin’s is so well orchestrated and the song gives a welcome abandon kind of feeling. Love it!


And love all of the strawberries and Mexican food I got to eat last weekend! Did some outlet shopping, then made a nice meal for my roomie Jenn, and friends Allison and Rob. We had a really fun time walking around May Fest in Frederick and all of the fun activities that went along with that. I made a sweet three course meal for dinner and we got to eat al fresco! Go check out that meal below and see some shots from my Sunday Funday with Katie and Andrew!

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Wordless Wednesday: A Friends and Strawberry Filled Weekend

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Wordless Wednesday: Things I Like to Eat

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