A Mexican Feast with Strawberry Tart and Friday Ramblings!

May 11, 2012 at 9:08 am | Posted in Appetizer, Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment, Lunch | 5 Comments

Phew! This week is almost over! It was a much better week than last so for that I am thankful. Things are definitely not ideal in parts of my life, but I am so happy I have so many good friends and a wonderful family to share the happy moments. In other news, I worked out three times this week! Running is making my ankle wonky the next day, but that doesn’t last more than a day! May is breezing along so fast. Excited to hang with mama and abuelita this weekend and attend my friend Stephanie’s baby shower on Saturday!

Here are two songs making me happy this week…. The first one is so poppy, but it gives me energy so thats cool!

This next video from the Shin’s is so well orchestrated and the song gives a welcome abandon kind of feeling. Love it!


And love all of the strawberries and Mexican food I got to eat last weekend! Did some outlet shopping, then made a nice meal for my roomie Jenn, and friends Allison and Rob. We had a really fun time walking around May Fest in Frederick and all of the fun activities that went along with that. I made a sweet three course meal for dinner and we got to eat al fresco! Go check out that meal below and see some shots from my Sunday Funday with Katie and Andrew!

I made pinto beans – refried frijole style from scratch and topped that on some homemade masa tortillas and then made them even more tasty with queso fresco and sliced up roasted poblano peppers. Because that appetizer was sooooo appetizing to me, I neglected to take a picture! Ha!

Then after stuffing ourselves with beans and cheese, we got started on the healthy entree. Rick Bayless’ Seared Halibut in Escabeche. Recipe here.


The sauce had so much flavor and it was cool making something called escabeche. πŸ˜€ I felt so latino!

And I paired that with some sauteed fresh corn and zucchini – a favorite summer staple of mi familia.


Then for dessert….

Strawberry Tart in a strawberry tart pan??? Could I be any more ironic!!

Vanilla pastry cream yummmm…. Recipe from Thomas Keller in Bouchon. Pastry cream here and crust recipe here.


This tart paired well with the frozen mousse dark chocolate FroZoe free from the little contest they had downtown that I surprisingly won!


So that meal went swimmingly. Glad we got to debut the first al fresco dining in our backyard for this season with something so delicious.Β  Oh but my good meals and good times did not stop on Saturday! Sunday morning as I walked downtown munching on half a chocolate chip muffin that I had picked up at the Frederick Farmer’s market on Saturday, I got to cheer on some friends as they ran the Frederick Half Marathon!! Good job Katy and Meg!Β  Then I headed to Baltimore and met KT and her new awesome beau Andrew at Little Havana’s.


We all had the cuban sandwich! I was a little peeved that their normal menu didn’t start until 3 pm. I was looking forward to a crab cake sandwich and sweet potato fries! Nonetheless, this afternoon in the sunshine on the porch was lovely as usual and we even had a cameo appearance from Laurita!

After that we strolled around Ft. McHenry and made it over to Fells to partake in more strolling, a Resurrection at One Eyed Mike’s and some delicious espresso/raspberry gelato at Pitango!


I love my city and I love my friends!! Happy Friday Ya’ll!



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  1. ha! our windy crab photo came out so cute! hope your weekend is as good as last one. xo

  2. When I win the lottery and have lots of money I am going to hire you to be my personal chef. You can even design the kitchen.

    • Ha! I would love to cook for Erica every day πŸ˜€

  3. Looks like a fabulous relaxing weekend. Hope to see you soon….

    • Yes it was! WE will see each other soon! πŸ˜€

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