Lilly’s Crazy Awesome Pink and Green First Birthday Party

June 22, 2012 at 11:13 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment, Lunch | 6 Comments

Well hello there world! Now that I have finished four seasons of Mad Men, been through some nice long weekends in Long Island, Jarrettsville and DC, I am feeling reset. Alot of things are in flux right now, but I’d say in a month there might be a new normal to my life and I am so excited. So where were we when I last left off? Oh excited to see Lilly. It always comes back to Lilly. I am so lucky to have an adorable blond baby that recognizes me on the facetime and exclaims “Hi!” I spent four solid days with that baby, and the best moments? Icing the cookies you will see below and having her hang out next to me while she played with a reusable shopping bag full of random kitchen utensils. Kids are so amused by simple things! Reminds me of my childhood and the refrigerator boxes and houses built under the forsythia bushes.


See? Balloons. Pink and green polka dotted balloons nonetheless. But simple beautifully deflated balloons. You might sense a theme here… pink and green! And I continued that theme in my dear sweet Lilly’s birthday present. A pink and green Lilly dress! It fit her perfectly and she wore it the day of the party. I was mondo happy.


So go for the jump to see the insane amount of pink and green things that were included in the celebration and the insane amount of work and detail that Jana and I did that day!

Pink lemonade with lemon and limes. See those cute little signs too? Microsoft Word Baby! Gosh I love spending time on random cute additions like that.


And the awesome turtle cookies. Joyce, Jana’s mom, baked them and then I frosted! Used the awesome technique detailed by Annie’s Eats. And candy button eyes. awesome 😀




And these goodies? Lilly Pulitzer Animal Cracker boxes. Picked up by yours truly in Virginia, in February! Me and Jan sure like to plan things out!


Howie’s mom Pat, made these awesome pink cupcakes with a green marshmallow frosting and pink sugar sparkles. I made those little toothpick flags with some Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper.


These were one good purchase for the day. Whoopie pies from a bakery a little west of Bellport. The chocolate ones were soooo good.


Some more Lilly Pulitzer lanterns and a good spread of food from a deli west of Bellport too. I made the feta, orzo, cucumber and dill dish and that was a hit!


And to workout my sewing skills, I made this banner earlier in the year too! Oh what’s that fabric?? Lilly Pulitzer of course!


And then came cake time. Ignore that sloppiness on the back. Apparently, I have not perfected a heat withstanding buttercream. But I will conquer that some day! I did the spoon technique seen on Pinterest because my best laid plans of doing a ribbon cake did not phase out!


The pinkest most glorious mini cake I have ever made! And she managed to get a good bit of pink frosting on her face. Mama Jana didn’t let her get out of control with the cake….. grrrrrrr


And the inside! OMBRE! HUZZAH! I used Joy’s recipe for the cake.


All in all it was an awesome success. The weather behaved, the food was all eaten, there were lots of little kiddos running around having fun. It was perfect. And Jana and I got to debut our Lilly dresses. Of course I found a strawberry one. 😀




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  1. What an adorable birthday party! I love the little flags you made for the cupcakes and the whoopie pies look delish! xoxo

  2. Everything looked so pretty!

  3. Ohmigosh .. what will you do when she turns 16???

    • Something insane for sure!

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