Summertime Eating with the Papa

June 29, 2012 at 12:40 pm | Posted in Appetizer, Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment | 1 Comment

I have spent a good amount of time with Daddy and Abuelito so far this summer and that makes me very happy. The beginning of June I took over as nurse for Papa after his knee surgery and fed him lots of fresh meals! This one shown here was our first al fresco meal at the Jarrettsville house in a LONG time. Me and Laurita had fun setting it up.


Go for the jump to see the Father’s Day meal and other fun pictures!

We picked up salmon from Wegmans and pan seared it with a nice dill, lemon, and caper mixture to top it. And I paired it with my favorite orzo pasta salad. I literally made him 2 tons of that stuff so we could eat it all week. πŸ˜€ He was also happy with the big pan sheet of chicken enchiladas I left him too. Love feeding Daddy!


That was one day and here was the next! We celebrated my cousin Michael’s graduation from high school and had an awesome crab feast. I plunked down next to Abuelito and we had fun together picking crabs.


Fast forward two Sundays and Laurita and Daddy met me out here in Frederick for a Father’s Day Supper! Since I had made him fish recently, I switched up the protein a little bit and went with shrimp. But first we had a delicious salad. Arugula with goat cheese, raspberries, pine nuts and a dark chocolate vinaigrette.


Then we got cooking for the entree! Confetti corn salad, inspiration from Ina. Amazing side dish. AMAZING. We just really like sweet stuff in this family so sweet vegetables are always welcome.


Fresh corn off the cob with fresh herbs, red onion and orange bell peppers.


And we paired that with another Ina dish. The shrimp scampi! This dish is also very good, I mean. BUTTER. But the addition of panko bread crumbs and more fresh herbs made it very good too.


Lastly, we had ice cream. Ice cream pie to be exact! My auntie Martha always makes this for special occasions, and it is just so good. Instead of buying a graham cracker crust, I tried my hand at making it in this tart pan, and then topped that with melted chocolate with almond bars and atop that goes the coffee ice cream. Papa, aka the flashing spoon, approved of this greatly.


Here’s a shot of the backyard and our “seal” doggie Peta. Love you Peta!


And me and papa. Love me some Papa.



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  1. Yaay for Maryland summer food with family!

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