Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Memories from Vacation

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Wordless Wednesday: ILOVERMONT

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Here’s to Crazy Exciting Mondays and Weekends!

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What’s up peeps!!  Of course I am writing this on Sunday night, but had a great weekend full of lots of fun times and now I am psyched to hit something out of the ballpark today. Channel me some strength today, will ya??? And after this daring feat, I will reward myself with some blackbeary wheat and a vacation to Vermont on Wednesday!!  I stole this from Pinterest… good quote eh?

Delicious Ambiguity. Now that I have overcome so many issues in the past year I am absolutely loving my delicious ambiguity. I am relishing in it actually! My life is an open book and I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled to see what the next year brings.

So yeah about the weekend? It started off with these…

then had some fun times at this place,

had an awesome cookbook club at my house and ended off the weekend with good home cooking (including chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, yummmm) and a sweet hike up in Catoctin.


Here’s hoping you have a great week too!!

Special Banana Bread Delivery for Alicia

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Happy Friday evening everybody!! This post will be short and sweet. I got too distracted all day to attend to this baby. My old buddy Alice celebrated her birthday yesterday. Because I couldn’t drop by her place in Baltimore, I sent her a nice care package! I swear making care packages weekly is something that gives me so much joy! Last week I sent one to my cousin Marfi for her new house! 😀


I went to the new cookbook from Joy the Baker to find a suuped up banana bread recipe! And I made a teeny banana bread for me and Jenn to taste. Tasted good to me! Probably the tastiest I have ever made. 😀 And two songs for ya’ll… Love this song. I am totally channeling woman warrior these days in taking care of my life. And it’s working!

And this one from NEEDTOBREATHE. Just bought tickets this morning for their September show at Rams Head in Baltimore! Can’t wait!

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Fun Nights at Family Meal

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Well Happy Monday to everyone! Mine turned out happier and much more productive than I could have ever imagined and here I am actually writing a blog post on a Monday. Hot Damn! So aren’t I a lucky girl to live within walking distance of the new Volt restaurant (actually diner…)- Family Meal. And I have been there two times already! I slowly watched this old car dealership be transformed into a really cool space over the past 7 months. It has been awesome.


Bryan Voltaggio is so dedicated to his hometown of Frederick and that is shining through more and more with everything he does.  I had a nice date night with a man I would like to affectionately call J-dogg on a Saturday night and I took the Abuelitos for an early Sunday Supper yesterday! Go for the jump to see my iPhone pictures which turned out great.

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friday night dining at fork & wrench

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Well helllloooo everybody. I’m back! I’ve been cooking and dessert making and going out to some nice dinners recently! Things are still in flux in some aspects of my life and some others are starting to shape up nicely. Either way, next week I gotta get my booty to the pavement or gym and workout because of all these lavish meals! So speaking of lavish, last Friday night I dined with Joanney and Alayne and we had a really fun night on the town. Since June cookbook club was postponed to become July cookbook club, we needed to have some fancy eating girl time. This new restaurant in Canton was the perfect place to do that.


Fork & Wrench, just from the name it sounds all industrial and cool right? They tote that it has a mix of college science lab and pharmacy too, which makes it right up my chemistry loving alley.We had outstanding dishes that night… go for the jump to see em.

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Powerful Words for Independence Day

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Happy Fourth of July!


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