Here’s to Crazy Exciting Mondays and Weekends!

July 16, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Brunch, Dessert, Entertainment, Pinterest | 2 Comments

What’s up peeps!!  Of course I am writing this on Sunday night, but had a great weekend full of lots of fun times and now I am psyched to hit something out of the ballpark today. Channel me some strength today, will ya??? And after this daring feat, I will reward myself with some blackbeary wheat and a vacation to Vermont on Wednesday!!  I stole this from Pinterest… good quote eh?

Delicious Ambiguity. Now that I have overcome so many issues in the past year I am absolutely loving my delicious ambiguity. I am relishing in it actually! My life is an open book and I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled to see what the next year brings.

So yeah about the weekend? It started off with these…

then had some fun times at this place,

had an awesome cookbook club at my house and ended off the weekend with good home cooking (including chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, yummmm) and a sweet hike up in Catoctin.


Here’s hoping you have a great week too!!



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  1. Have an awesome vacation! I’m sad I missed CBC!

    • Thanks Beth!!! We missed you too!!!

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