Finding your Passion

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I had alot of fun on Tuesday. The new man has a very sweet dog. He remarked to me that he never had any good pictures of her. So Tuesday afternoon, while my mind wandered as I looked out my big office windows, I concocted an idea to have a nice photography shoot while we walked the doggie around Frederick that night. Meet Lucy. She has quite the personality and has some strange quirks to her too. She loves Jason. That is clear.


As I proceeded to be doggie photographer around town, I really felt alive. Having Annie back in the beginning of August helped me to remember some good spots. I love playing with the light and getting down on my belly in the grass to take pictures of her. I couldn’t wait to get home and (oh yeah, submit that secret project of mine) and then obsess over these pictures. I don’t know if this latest obsession will turn into anything, but I know it will help in the future when I start to have a family of my own and will make sure to document everything. 😀

That’s what I’m pondering over as this post is the “blog eve” post before my 30th birthday. What will be my passion as I turn into this new decade? It is clear that exercising leaves me broken alot, but I know that I need to get fit in order to improve my health and life in general… Maybe just walking and hiking will be it for me. It’s pretty hard to injure myself doing those two things. All I know is that my recent crafting, photography and baking projects have left me so content and proud of myself. Who wants to give me a job doing that! I am pretty wistful when I look at the blogs of these two awesome photographers and how they are so damn creative.  So maybe I’ll start a new career in some awesome science field, or maybe I’ll be able to stay home some day and start a family and do this photography thing on the side.  Or maybe I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and be content in that. But what I do know, is that I have a fantastic bunch of friends, a great new guy, and the most wonderful family to enjoy the ride with me.

Go for the jump to see more pretty pictures 😀

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Wordless Wednesday: Elegant little Eleanor Marjorie

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Monday Night Baking Night

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Cookies. It was a cookie filled evening tonight. 😀 120 to be exact! A double batch of this NY Times recipe. Which I have made here and here. It has kinda become a staple “favor” recipe for me and people go bonkers for it, so what’s not to love! Looking up that old link reminded me that I called my 27th birthday celebration at Woodberry Kitchen a LoveFeast. Well a LoveFeast is surely happening again this Saturday at Black Ankle. Even though I will be 2 days shy of 30 years old, it is going to be a grand celebration. I mean, look at this place. HEAVEN. and then there will be salted chocolate chip cookie favors. 😀


Anyways, I baked and I baked. Phone calls to Jen-Jen, Momma, and Abuelita kept me entertained as I skedaddled along. It helped having made the dough last night. Actually this recipe CALLS for that. Helps the gluten relax or some s**t like that. 😀


In addition to working on that “secret” project this weekend, I made sure I spent some good time doing things I actually enjoy. 🙂 Like making these tags for the cookie favors! A glimpse of this is just one little detail I have in store for the decorations of the breezeway on Saturday! Ahhhhh I can’t wait!!!


The other thing that has been keeping me entertained, has also been costly. 😛 I’ve been shopping!! On the Lilly Pulitzer website (sales baby!). As you can see below, the prints are soooooo pretty.


and I’ve been shopping around downtown Frederick. 😀 Took back some things to Talbots and scored a major deal on these pink patent pumps! 80% off the normal price! Then hopped over to Viniferous and picked up the bottle of rose that I had special ordered for me. They gave me a nice little birthday discount! So sweet- thanks Luke! And I hope I won’t have buyers remorse when the girls and I savor this baby after Black Ankle on Saturday!


And I decided that I needed to start reading again. Hours of Bravo and Lifetime movies just aren’t cutting it for me. The Paris Wife seems pretty good so far!  So other than this latest music addition…. I’ll be sending my baby secret project into cyberspace tomorrow, if you have a second, send some good vibes that way. It’s gonna take all I can to get that thing to work!

Friday Musings

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This week was an interesting one for sure. It started out with sparkly tulle, cupcakes and cake making. And I crafted some beautiful tutus and made some pink confections that seriously brought smiles to two of my favorite little girls, Aveline and Colette. Ahh I love them so much!!

But then while playing ultimate frisbee later that day at the birthday party with the uncles, J-dogg and other super athletic people, I had a collision, and fell hard onto the wet grass, and then about 30 minutes later I could not really raise my arm… The arm is still in that situation today, but I know that after icing it all weekend it will probably get better….

So, the reason for that pin. Sometimes when I reflect back on the reason why I get hurt while exercising so often is that God is trying to tell me to slow down. To not put too much on my plate and just take care of myself. So much of my own happiness depends on how I make other people happy, and while I know that will never stop happening, I do need to take care of myself primarily. Exercising regularly, eating well… sometimes I just don’t care to do those things and that makes me sad.

Anyways… I’m encountering a project this weekend. A project that hopefully will cause big change in my life. I’m pretty scared about whether or not doing hours of work on it this weekend will actually result in the change that I want and have been working towards for the past four months. So its a mixed emotion… Once I actually start working on it, I will probably feel less uneasy, but only time will tell.

Maya has it right though. I need to kick ass! Ever since I read her books in high school, I have always felt so inspired by her, how she wrote about such hard subjects and became a great role model in the literary world. Thank you Maya! I will do my best!!

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Cakes of Late

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Vermont Vacation 2012: Part Tres!

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Happy Friday Ya’ll. I got some unfortunate news on Wednesday and rightly so threw myself a pity party about it. But then came Thursday morning and the sun was shining and my sad mood went out the window. Life is not going to go the way we think it will always! And it just reminds me to make this life, this current situation the best it can be. There is no need to wait for things to change to make myself happy or healthy. This song has been making me very happy currently…

So on that note, there are a couple more moments from vacation in Vermont that I can share.  The last full day of Vermont, the sun was shining so bright. I got some rays and chilled with Jen by the shore and planned my dog sitting for Annie.


Go for the jump…

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Vermont Vacation 2012: Part Dos

August 15, 2012 at 11:02 am | Posted in Brunch, Dinner, Travels | 1 Comment

Happy Wednesday, no wordless today, lots more vacation to share! So after we shared some pre-wedding wedding cake, there was some fireside lounging and then later we all played Mafia! Awesome crazy family “card” game. It’s really just an excuse to accuse each other of things. 😀


That night, the four of us ladies ventured down the road to stay at the Tourterelle Inn with Auntie Helen. Go for the jump to see our lovely morning brunch, some wedding pictures and some fun times after that!

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Vermont Vacation 2012 Part Uno!!!

August 13, 2012 at 11:56 am | Posted in Travels | 1 Comment

Hey Ya’ll, Happy Monnnnnday. So let’s call this week vacation week! Not because I’m on vacation, cause I’m not (and boo I have no idea when the next one will be.) But so we can amuse ourselves by re-living the last one!

Mama, sista and Laura and I got up realllllly early on that Wednesday morning and drove the 8.5 hours up to Vermont! We actually were in PA and NY for a lot of the driving and to get to Vermont, take the Essex Ferry. It’s such a nice declaration kind of thing, once you’re on this baby, relaxation starts to set in. 😀


Keep on going for the jump to see more pictures. 😀

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July Charm City Cookbooking: Masala Farm by Saran

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Last month was back in Frederick!! It was a pretty hot day, even though there were only four of us we made a nice afternoon meal. Since my favorite coworker Veena is Indian and J-dogg has a certain fondness for Indian, when I found this cookbook (Masala Farm) at the library it peaked my interest. After thumbing through the pages, I saw alot of awesome farm tidbits and realized it had a “eat local” vibe to it too, which I liked. So even though this protein wasn’t particularly local, I made a shrimp curry! with local corn! And it was very tasty.


Maria made AWESOME deviled eggs, Alayne made a huge buttermilk ranch salad, Joanne made delicious quinoa cakes and I made the aforementioned shrimp curry. Maria was sweet and brought some local chocolate ice cream for dessert. Go hop on over to the Charm City Cookbook blog to see the rest of our meal. 😀

Friday night Sushi night

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Holla at yer boy!!! Sometimes when there is nothing to say, I like to say that. Riiight??? I think I pulled it from Project Runway Season 5 or something. There has been a hiatus. That is clear, but what may or may not been clear is that I have been having a grand time while away from this blog. Vacation was perfect, things are changing up at my current job and for the time being they are entertaining, possible future employment options are still in the air, and then there’s this boy. This boy likes to take me out to dinner, and I like to cook for him.. its win win!

So the weekend before I dashed off to Vermont, a Friday night started out with roses and then a sushi feast was had at China Garden.


You might be thinking, what. is. up. with that building front?? I know, it scared me too. From many drive by’s I had judged it. The boy, aka J-dogg, convinced me they had good sushi. I thought I would take his word for it and so we feasted.. Check it out below.

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