Friday night Sushi night

August 6, 2012 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Dinner | Leave a comment

Holla at yer boy!!! Sometimes when there is nothing to say, I like to say that. Riiight??? I think I pulled it from Project Runway Season 5 or something. There has been a hiatus. That is clear, but what may or may not been clear is that I have been having a grand time while away from this blog. Vacation was perfect, things are changing up at my current job and for the time being they are entertaining, possible future employment options are still in the air, and then there’s this boy. This boy likes to take me out to dinner, and I like to cook for him.. its win win!

So the weekend before I dashed off to Vermont, a Friday night started out with roses and then a sushi feast was had at China Garden.


You might be thinking, what. is. up. with that building front?? I know, it scared me too. From many drive by’s I had judged it. The boy, aka J-dogg, convinced me they had good sushi. I thought I would take his word for it and so we feasted.. Check it out below.

Started off with pickled cucumbers. Loooove kimchi kinda stuff.


And then the big ol plate of sushi came out.  This one, the fanciest one, had crab (imitation?), tuna, some creamy sauce and those meaty flavorful bits on top. Quite alot of flavor from that one.


Spicy tuna…




Went kinda crazy here, salmon roe and a boring but nice cucumber roll. So fun!


And there were oranges to end the feast. It was really a lovely little place to dine. The service was good and the sushi was good too! Now this is coming from someone who eats sushi like 10 times a year. I am no expert! But I did like everything that was served.


And to round out the night like I usually do when I have a walking partner in Frederick, we got a scoop of ice cream from pretzel and pizza creations. I haven’t blogged about them, but they are open alllll the time and the experience is always satisfying.

China Garden on Urbanspoon


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