Friday Musings

August 24, 2012 at 12:59 pm | Posted in Entertainment, Pinterest, Travels | Leave a comment

This week was an interesting one for sure. It started out with sparkly tulle, cupcakes and cake making. And I crafted some beautiful tutus and made some pink confections that seriously brought smiles to two of my favorite little girls, Aveline and Colette. Ahh I love them so much!!

But then while playing ultimate frisbee later that day at the birthday party with the uncles, J-dogg and other super athletic people, I had a collision, and fell hard onto the wet grass, and then about 30 minutes later I could not really raise my arm… The arm is still in that situation today, but I know that after icing it all weekend it will probably get better….

So, the reason for that pin. Sometimes when I reflect back on the reason why I get hurt while exercising so often is that God is trying to tell me to slow down. To not put too much on my plate and just take care of myself. So much of my own happiness depends on how I make other people happy, and while I know that will never stop happening, I do need to take care of myself primarily. Exercising regularly, eating well… sometimes I just don’t care to do those things and that makes me sad.

Anyways… I’m encountering a project this weekend. A project that hopefully will cause big change in my life. I’m pretty scared about whether or not doing hours of work on it this weekend will actually result in the change that I want and have been working towards for the past four months. So its a mixed emotion… Once I actually start working on it, I will probably feel less uneasy, but only time will tell.

Maya has it right though. I need to kick ass! Ever since I read her books in high school, I have always felt so inspired by her, how she wrote about such hard subjects and became a great role model in the literary world. Thank you Maya! I will do my best!!


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