Summertime Eating with the Papa

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I have spent a good amount of time with Daddy and Abuelito so far this summer and that makes me very happy. The beginning of June I took over as nurse for Papa after his knee surgery and fed him lots of fresh meals! This one shown here was our first al fresco meal at the Jarrettsville house in a LONG time. Me and Laurita had fun setting it up.


Go for the jump to see the Father’s Day meal and other fun pictures!

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A Mexican Feast with Strawberry Tart and Friday Ramblings!

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Phew! This week is almost over! It was a much better week than last so for that I am thankful. Things are definitely not ideal in parts of my life, but I am so happy I have so many good friends and a wonderful family to share the happy moments. In other news, I worked out three times this week! Running is making my ankle wonky the next day, but that doesn’t last more than a day! May is breezing along so fast. Excited to hang with mama and abuelita this weekend and attend my friend Stephanie’s baby shower on Saturday!

Here are two songs making me happy this week…. The first one is so poppy, but it gives me energy so thats cool!

This next video from the Shin’s is so well orchestrated and the song gives a welcome abandon kind of feeling. Love it!


And love all of the strawberries and Mexican food I got to eat last weekend! Did some outlet shopping, then made a nice meal for my roomie Jenn, and friends Allison and Rob. We had a really fun time walking around May Fest in Frederick and all of the fun activities that went along with that. I made a sweet three course meal for dinner and we got to eat al fresco! Go check out that meal below and see some shots from my Sunday Funday with Katie and Andrew!

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Dude I bought a Dehydrator

April 6, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Appetizer, Tools | 5 Comments

This one to be exact! This all came about because my roomate Jenn started thinking about eating more Paleo recently. Meat jerkys and dried fruit are great snacks for that diet, or for any healthy diet for that matter.  I started looking up dehydrated recipes on the internet and found some good ones. Last week when an amazon local coupon came up I jumped on it and it helped bring down the price to $30! Not bad for creating more healthy eating options in my life!


Here’s a shot of my awesomely delicious super easy dehydrated strawberries…. What’s good is that these are something healthy to munch on when I need a crunch at work, but whats also good is that its keeping my hands semi occupied at night when I usually find the need to oversnack. I’ve also made banana chips and kale chips this week! And I’ve taken the super easy route of not treating the bananas or strawberries with lemon juice or fake sugar and they have turned out awesome!!! (At least to my tastebuds!) Go for the jump to see more pictures of the process…

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Green Friday and Feasting with Familia

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Happy early St Patrick’s Day Ya’ll! There will certainly be some Guinness pints in my future tomorrow with the cookbook club crew.  Next weekend will complete the green celebrations with some awesome cupcakes in store with Erica and the Shamrock Festival. Can’t wait to listen to Icewagon Flu and Dropkick Murphy’s! But for now, I have minty green nails….

And I’ve been jamming to Two Door Cinema Crew alot this week.

So this past weekend I did alot of cooking at Abuelita’s. Marfi was in town from Denver for a bridal shower and so we alllll got together for a big dinner on Sunday. I am so happy my usually rowdy social schedule was clear so I could do a lot of cooking for grandma and make tamales!!! We had a great poblano & chorizo appetizer, asado de plaza with frijoles, the tamales, and green cupcakes and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Did I ever tell you my familia likes to eat? Well we do!!! And it made a good amount of leftovers so that was awesome. Go for the jump to see some more dinner pictures!

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Festive Potato Salad

March 12, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Appetizer | 2 Comments

Hey look! Another potato post! Yup, the folks at the Idaho Potato Commission challenged us to make another potato recipe, this time a potato salad. I pulled my inspiration from Auntie Helen! She used to make this back in the day for the Christmas Holiday Season. I think it would work well in any season actually!

The red Idaho potatoes are the perfect earthy background for all of these bright flavors. The fresh crunchy green beans, the nuttiness from the toasted pine nuts, and the balsamic dressing is offset nicely by the slightly sweet roasted red pepper slices. It’s a very unexpected potato salad. I think it’s a happy departure from the typical mayonnaise laden varieties that you often see in the summertime.

Go for the jump to see more details and the recipe!

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A Dinner for Two

March 1, 2012 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Appetizer, Cookbooks, Dinner, Entertainment | 5 Comments

People!!! I roasted a chicken!! Yeah that’s not so thrilling or surprising if you really think about it. But it made one hell of a pan sauce and pan sauces aren’t an everyday occurrence in my life, so that was pretty thrilling. I went to Ina for this recipe. It makes me smile because Ina was the first one I turned to when I started really cooking for other people. So thanks Ina, you have been one good constant in my life.  So how crazy is it that it is already March?!?!? This year is cruising on along and that is very fun.  And how crazy is it that this is my 500th post?? WOW.

From all my 10 or so years of dating, I know one good way into a man’s heart is with good cooking. So I set out to make a heartwarming delicious meal and that was confirmed with many declarations of how delicious it was.

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Cooking in Chicago

February 17, 2012 at 8:38 am | Posted in Appetizer, Entertainment | Leave a comment

Woottttttt. It’s Friday. And I’m up early, today (fingers crossed) will be an easy one at work and then I have a hot date in Frederick! Going to the wine kitchen, which I have yet to blog about, and that will probably have to wait. Big camera is not coming with me. 😀

So before I get to the food, check out my favorite songs from the week. This might become a thing ya’ll! Having Sirius Radio has really improved my new music awareness. It makes me mucho happy. (That’s really good Spanish right there I know!)

My coworker likes to remind me of this statement while I’m freaking myself out at work with all of the “fires” I have to put out. 😀

And this one is just a happy hopeful song. Much like my demeanor when I think about the happy things going on in my life.

So while in Chicago, we went to our buddy April’s place to watch the Patriots play. (I know this trip was awhile ago!) I wanted to make sure we brought something delicious. Since Gina and I are both in lurrrveeee with Pioneer Woman, I went searching on her site and found the Black Eyed Pea Dip! Fast Easy Tasty = sold.

See that cheesy pea (with good manicure) footage right there? Oh yeah. Go for the jump to see the steps…

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La Boqueria

December 23, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Appetizer, Entertainment, Lunch, Travels | Leave a comment

The next morning, our last full day in Barcelona, we set off to wander and peruse the big amazing market, La Boqueria!!! I had anticipated this visit for many years – I had heard great things. And it did not disappoint.


It was huge and and busy and full of lots and lots of things to eat. We had fun perusing, then went shopping at El Corte Ingles for a bit and then came back to find random things to eat for lunch! Go for the jump to see lots of pretty foodstuffs.

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MARQ y Monastrell Barra

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Well hellooooooo. My oh my that weekend that just passed was probably one of the most fun filled and packed in one of my life! I love my friends and my family too. But my friends really rock. And this upcoming Christmas weekend is going to be so packed with family time I am certainly going to squeal. Can’t wait to see everyone!!!  But may we go back to Alicante?? Oh yes we may, because look at this view!!! It was from outside our hotel room and it knocked my socks off.


So we had a leisurely morning and then set off to the one cool museum in town: the MARQ.


Very innovative and technically advanced and it was really neat to see the history of the region starting from long long ago.

After the museum we headed to the bar (Monastrell Barra)! Ha! Actually it was for lunch, but we may have drank some white wine… Go check these pics out!

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November Charm City Cookbooking: Gourmet Apps by Nims

December 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm | Posted in Appetizer | 1 Comment

Hey look! I’m going to write about food! (Not Thanksgiving food or Spain food yet….) but still delicious food, that we got to eat while sipping on some delicious tea! I had cookbook club at my house in November and because it was so close to thanksgiving, we wanted to do something light and dainty. So I found this cookbook at the Frederick Library. Oh how I love dainty afternoons at my house.


I got out all of the pressed pretty linens, doilies, and Alayne and Julie brought their fine china and tea cups.

But before we got to sit down all happy and ready to chow, we had to cook these delicious things! So go to our Charm City Cookbook Club page to see the post…

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