Wordless Wednesday: A Fun Fall so Far

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Vermont Vacation 2012: Part Dos

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Happy Wednesday, no wordless today, lots more vacation to share! So after we shared some pre-wedding wedding cake, there was some fireside lounging and then later we all played Mafia! Awesome crazy family “card” game. It’s really just an excuse to accuse each other of things. 😀


That night, the four of us ladies ventured down the road to stay at the Tourterelle Inn with Auntie Helen. Go for the jump to see our lovely morning brunch, some wedding pictures and some fun times after that!

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Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Memories from Vacation

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Here’s to Crazy Exciting Mondays and Weekends!

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What’s up peeps!!  Of course I am writing this on Sunday night, but had a great weekend full of lots of fun times and now I am psyched to hit something out of the ballpark today. Channel me some strength today, will ya??? And after this daring feat, I will reward myself with some blackbeary wheat and a vacation to Vermont on Wednesday!!  I stole this from Pinterest… good quote eh?

Delicious Ambiguity. Now that I have overcome so many issues in the past year I am absolutely loving my delicious ambiguity. I am relishing in it actually! My life is an open book and I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled to see what the next year brings.

So yeah about the weekend? It started off with these…

then had some fun times at this place,

had an awesome cookbook club at my house and ended off the weekend with good home cooking (including chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, yummmm) and a sweet hike up in Catoctin.


Here’s hoping you have a great week too!!

A Sunday Brunch for the Mommies

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I am just so happy from this past weekend. I had so much fun with mamacita at the Oriole’s game on Friday and helped her hang up/wire the fan in her new bedroom and then had good times with Abuela and Abuelo on Saturday night. The next morning Abuelita and I got up early and starting working on brunch! It was really supposed to be me and Scotty doing all of the work, but Abuelita did her good share. Scotty brought the most beautiful and delicious lemon scones and helped so much with the french toast and omelette making. Isn’t this the cutest picture??


Abuelita was channeling her inner Paula Deen layering on the butter for the french toast. NO wonder they tasted so good!!!  Yes I happily writing this blog post because I am surely recognizing that time spent with my mama and grandma is really the best way I can spend my time. AND, work is pretty calm and I’ve been exercising so much! Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes just as well. Go for the jump to see some more cute pictures and some delicious food.

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Pre-Festival Frittata and Feast

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Happy Friday Folks! It’s amazing how long ago last weekend feels.  Erica, her fella Mike, and I did alot of cooking in her tiny kitchen last week and amazingly (well not amazingly :P) everything turned out super delicious.

This photo shows the last meal we made that weekend and if you go for the jump below, you can see the first thing we (well Mike) made that weekend!

final frita

What does one eat before imbibing a good amount of Guinness and Harp? Well greasy food of course! I settled on a “mexican-esque” frittata and bacon. Go for the jump….

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The first 24 hours in Alicante, Spain

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Yayyyyyy!!! WE WENT TO SPAIN PEOPLE. It was so beautiful, and full of such good food and nice people and we had alot of fun times. It was pretty much my ideal way to go to Europe.  Once we got to Alicante, where Maggie lives, we hopped over to the hotel and then scurried up to the futbol game! This was a super exciting event in town. They were playing the local town over, El Che. Well apparently both teams are really bad, but it was super cool being immersed into the culture immediately!


Then we got to go back to Maggie’s house and have an awesome home cooked meal made by her madre, Carmen and her hermana, Ana. Jaime, her padre, was there too – and both of us realized we love peppermint tea. Awesome funny thing to bond with over a relaxing lunch.


Go check out more pictures and go for the jump!!!

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Snazzy Searsucker

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I saved one of the best meals in San Diego for last (and dang! It’s October now and I am just finishing blogging about this trip! Crazy!). Becca had gotten a Groupon and so we went to this new fancy and snazzy restaurant downtown called Searsucker for brunch that Sunday. I feel extra snazzy writing up this post now seeing that Joy from Oh Joy! went there recently too.


As we were sitting there, I kept remarking to myself how much I loved the way they decorated the space, very Anthro-esque but I also thought this place was tooo hip for me! There were people wearing fedoras to brunch.. not so much my style… Go check out some pictures!

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Birthday Sprinkles and More Sprinkles

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Did I ever tell you how much I love Sprinkles?? Not just the cupcakes… but sprinkles in general! Miniature dots of brightly colored sugar just bring smiles to my face. And I very much enjoy pinning sprinkly kind of things.. like this and this and this.  I am so happy lots of my buddies have been pinning their little butts off! So inspirational, pretty and funny. Ok so back to the actual sprinkles! Everyone knows about this cupcake chain


This company picked a beautiful logo. Marketing is so important for this type of business. Every little detail counts!  Go for the jump to see the store and our picks for the weekend!

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Tempted at Tate’s Bake Shop

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Last Monday morning, the girls (including little Lils) and I set out for breakfast in the Hamptons. We wanted some sweet stuffs and then go browsing at some of the local shops. Jana and Nicole have become smitten with Tate’s bake shop recently and so that was our breakfast choice!


It was a very nice bakeshop and the sweet confection I had for breakfast in addition to the crispy whole wheat chocolate cookies I picked up for later were really good. Go see some more pictures after the jump!

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