Lilly’s Crazy Awesome Pink and Green First Birthday Party

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Well hello there world! Now that I have finished four seasons of Mad Men, been through some nice long weekends in Long Island, Jarrettsville and DC, I am feeling reset. Alot of things are in flux right now, but I’d say in a month there might be a new normal to my life and I am so excited. So where were we when I last left off? Oh excited to see Lilly. It always comes back to Lilly. I am so lucky to have an adorable blond baby that recognizes me on the facetime and exclaims “Hi!” I spent four solid days with that baby, and the best moments? Icing the cookies you will see below and having her hang out next to me while she played with a reusable shopping bag full of random kitchen utensils. Kids are so amused by simple things! Reminds me of my childhood and the refrigerator boxes and houses built under the forsythia bushes.


See? Balloons. Pink and green polka dotted balloons nonetheless. But simple beautifully deflated balloons. You might sense a theme here… pink and green! And I continued that theme in my dear sweet Lilly’s birthday present. A pink and green Lilly dress! It fit her perfectly and she wore it the day of the party. I was mondo happy.


So go for the jump to see the insane amount of pink and green things that were included in the celebration and the insane amount of work and detail that Jana and I did that day!

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Wordless Wednesday: A weekend with Mommies

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A Mexican Feast with Strawberry Tart and Friday Ramblings!

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Phew! This week is almost over! It was a much better week than last so for that I am thankful. Things are definitely not ideal in parts of my life, but I am so happy I have so many good friends and a wonderful family to share the happy moments. In other news, I worked out three times this week! Running is making my ankle wonky the next day, but that doesn’t last more than a day! May is breezing along so fast. Excited to hang with mama and abuelita this weekend and attend my friend Stephanie’s baby shower on Saturday!

Here are two songs making me happy this week…. The first one is so poppy, but it gives me energy so thats cool!

This next video from the Shin’s is so well orchestrated and the song gives a welcome abandon kind of feeling. Love it!


And love all of the strawberries and Mexican food I got to eat last weekend! Did some outlet shopping, then made a nice meal for my roomie Jenn, and friends Allison and Rob. We had a really fun time walking around May Fest in Frederick and all of the fun activities that went along with that. I made a sweet three course meal for dinner and we got to eat al fresco! Go check out that meal below and see some shots from my Sunday Funday with Katie and Andrew!

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Wordless Wednesday: Things I Like to Eat

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Birthday Tea for Jen at Cafe Anglais!

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It is no secret that I love my cousin Jen. Her husband, my actual cousin, Bobby was one smart guy to marry her and he gave the rest of our family the gift of a wonderful family member and especially for me a close friend. It is also no secret that Jen loves to go to tea! We went here last year for her birthday and realized that we have been to four different tea houses in Maryland together! Another tea shop in Frederick was too busy for a party of 6, so from recommendation from my friends Kendra and Adam, we decided to go to Cafe Anglaise!


I would definitely say this place is traditional, and not especially “girlie.” The owner Michael was very gracious and obviously British. The tea house has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the food was good! Not outstanding, but very good. Go for the jump to see more pictures!

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Ana y Carmen’s Tortilla Española

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Today I decided to change up the Wordless Wednesday theme and publish a guest post from Ana Ibañez Garcia!!! Sweet Ana, Maggie’s hermana in España was featured on the blog earlier in December and agreed to help me with a special potato project by sending me this beautiful compilation of photos and recipe of her mother’s tortilla española.


Here is lovely Carmen. She treated Maggie like a queen in that household and fed her amazingly. We were so lucky to be able to have a specially prepared lunch on our visit. So without further ado, please go for the jump to see pictures and the recipe!

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La Boqueria

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The next morning, our last full day in Barcelona, we set off to wander and peruse the big amazing market, La Boqueria!!! I had anticipated this visit for many years – I had heard great things. And it did not disappoint.


It was huge and and busy and full of lots and lots of things to eat. We had fun perusing, then went shopping at El Corte Ingles for a bit and then came back to find random things to eat for lunch! Go for the jump to see lots of pretty foodstuffs.

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Gaudi y Almuerza

December 22, 2011 at 7:00 am | Posted in Entertainment, Lunch, Travels | 2 Comments

Happy Thirsty Thursday my friends! woooot, I wish I was having a drink right now, but instead I have eaten lots and lots of christmas cookies. Just wait for my Elizabeth’s Cookie Christmas 2011 on Saturday! So when I last left off, we had arrived in Barcelona and had an awesome authentic dinner. The next morning we had a nice breakfast in the hotel and then set off to look at all things Gaudi all around town! First stop was the Casa Mila…


Next stop was SAGRADA FAMILIA!!!! I know you guys have seen all of these cool pictures before, but I was just in such amazement I could not contain myself. I literally walked around this structure and kept saying “This is so awesome… This is so awesome…”


Just as Becca and I discussed tonight, it is so cool to be able to witness such a magnificent structure and be able to see it while it is still in construction. I can’t wait to go back in 30 some odd years to see it completed.  Now go check out some more pictures from around town and a nice quick lunch we had in a random square!

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Our Last Meal in Alicante

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It is very fitting that I am posting this today, because today is Maggie’s last day in Alicante herself. As I write she is running up the mountain to the top of the castle for the last time. I am so happy Maggie got to take this voyage and I am so excited to see my cousin growing up and getting cultured. I am so proud of all of the Spanish she has learned and really hope someday she will be able to use that in her career. So here is my new profile picture. Sooooo beautiful.


Our last day we took it easy, slept late, ate a nice breakfast in the beautiful lobby and then did some quick shopping… but for our last meal we went back to La Taberna!! Go check it out below!

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MARQ y Monastrell Barra

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Well hellooooooo. My oh my that weekend that just passed was probably one of the most fun filled and packed in one of my life! I love my friends and my family too. But my friends really rock. And this upcoming Christmas weekend is going to be so packed with family time I am certainly going to squeal. Can’t wait to see everyone!!!  But may we go back to Alicante?? Oh yes we may, because look at this view!!! It was from outside our hotel room and it knocked my socks off.


So we had a leisurely morning and then set off to the one cool museum in town: the MARQ.


Very innovative and technically advanced and it was really neat to see the history of the region starting from long long ago.

After the museum we headed to the bar (Monastrell Barra)! Ha! Actually it was for lunch, but we may have drank some white wine… Go check these pics out!

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