O-mazing 31st birthday with friends

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To sum up this weekend, I might venture to use the single word: Amazing.

The amount of love I receive from my friends is downright staggering. We went to a baseball game, we took in the Baltimore sites, we went to some of my favorite places in Baltimore to eat and drink and there was gut wrenching, smiling so much my cheeks hurt, hilarious shenanigans all the weekend through.


Beautiful women, loving, supportive, hilarious, beautiful women in my life (seen above and below and some not pictured, but were there in spirit).


Two videos that also added to some of the hilarity of the weekend –

If you’ve ever seen my Pinterest boards, you will know that I love inspirational quotes.

This one spoke to me today. Being around an insane amount of awesome people in just one day reminds me how much I love humanity. My job and purpose in life, is to really seek out the awesome in people, and I am so thankful how perfectly that is working right now in my life. Have a great week ya’ll!



Fully Stepping into my Thirties…

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Well Hello there world!

There’s something about birthdays that makes me sentimental… which makes me want to write… Maybe its all of the candles I have and will blow out in the next couple of days and the past wishes that have or have not been granted to me. I am turning 31 today and I am excited. I feel like that number sounds old, but I don’t feel particularly old, so I think that means I am good to go. 😀

I’ve been looking at clouds longingly alot this past month. Listening to this song and staring off into the stratosphere has given me alot of solace. It really brings me peace and gratitude when I’m in that mindset.

Remember in July when I was declaring that “I’ve been saying to myself – this – this life right now – it can stay just as it is. There is nothing else I could ask for right now…”

Well destiny went ahead and improved it for me. My situation at my work is beyond my wildest expectations… the times I have been having with my cherished friends and family are as good as ever.. And my ability to run far distances is back on track.


Believe you me, I know things could change for bad or good. Could change in an instant! But I’m going to keep taking some leaps of faith and see where it takes me! Huzzah 31! Bring it!

And because I like to read and study quotes like its my job… I wanted to pull one from this Blog Levo League… Here is an apropos one of late regarding turning 30 or being in your early thirties.

“Lastly, please don’t forget that this is your journey. This is your path. This is your practice. This is your life, and there is enough success and love in the world to go around. Take your time, build a life that you love and one that delights you. Engage in your work with intention. Make sure to laugh enough, and don’t forget to be silly. And if all else fails, remember it’s OK to have a Nutella and Netflix night every once in a while.”

Friday Musings

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This week was an interesting one for sure. It started out with sparkly tulle, cupcakes and cake making. And I crafted some beautiful tutus and made some pink confections that seriously brought smiles to two of my favorite little girls, Aveline and Colette. Ahh I love them so much!!

But then while playing ultimate frisbee later that day at the birthday party with the uncles, J-dogg and other super athletic people, I had a collision, and fell hard onto the wet grass, and then about 30 minutes later I could not really raise my arm… The arm is still in that situation today, but I know that after icing it all weekend it will probably get better….

So, the reason for that pin. Sometimes when I reflect back on the reason why I get hurt while exercising so often is that God is trying to tell me to slow down. To not put too much on my plate and just take care of myself. So much of my own happiness depends on how I make other people happy, and while I know that will never stop happening, I do need to take care of myself primarily. Exercising regularly, eating well… sometimes I just don’t care to do those things and that makes me sad.

Anyways… I’m encountering a project this weekend. A project that hopefully will cause big change in my life. I’m pretty scared about whether or not doing hours of work on it this weekend will actually result in the change that I want and have been working towards for the past four months. So its a mixed emotion… Once I actually start working on it, I will probably feel less uneasy, but only time will tell.

Maya has it right though. I need to kick ass! Ever since I read her books in high school, I have always felt so inspired by her, how she wrote about such hard subjects and became a great role model in the literary world. Thank you Maya! I will do my best!!

Here’s to Crazy Exciting Mondays and Weekends!

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What’s up peeps!!  Of course I am writing this on Sunday night, but had a great weekend full of lots of fun times and now I am psyched to hit something out of the ballpark today. Channel me some strength today, will ya??? And after this daring feat, I will reward myself with some blackbeary wheat and a vacation to Vermont on Wednesday!!  I stole this from Pinterest… good quote eh?

Delicious Ambiguity. Now that I have overcome so many issues in the past year I am absolutely loving my delicious ambiguity. I am relishing in it actually! My life is an open book and I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled to see what the next year brings.

So yeah about the weekend? It started off with these…

then had some fun times at this place,

had an awesome cookbook club at my house and ended off the weekend with good home cooking (including chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, yummmm) and a sweet hike up in Catoctin.


Here’s hoping you have a great week too!!

Inspirational Wordful Wednesday: Empowered Elizabeth Edition

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Chocolate Cookies for the Beloveds of Oscar Mayer

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I know it might seem unlikely that alot of my friends from college were on the Equestrian team, since I had never ridden a horse myself… but they were. Jana, Erica, Gigi, Jesica, Lynsi, Muffy.. They all had horses growing up. Two of those horses, Oscar and Monty, I have gotten to know pretty well in the past years since college. They have been trusty steeds in which to visit and ride on. There’s something about looking into the eye of a giant horse and sensing a knowing between he and I. This past Tuesday, Oscar Mayer, Jana’s beloved horse had to be put down. I was deeply saddened by the news.

I really wish I could give Jana and her mom, Joyce, a big hug today, but because I am five hours away, I decided to send cookies. Cookies cure all woes of the heart, right? Well I hope a little.

Sweet Oscar, was always trying to find the peppermints and carrots hidden away in my coat pockets. He loved pushing his snout up against my chest. I’m really going to miss those fun visits on her parents property. It’s going to be very hard going to their house in two months for Lilly’s birthday party and see an empty pen.

I hope you are in horsey heaven up there dear Oscar. I hope there is lots of clover to eat too. Go for the jump to see the cookies I sent.

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Feasting on Friday

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Happy Friday my friends. This Friday starts with much anticipation of a feast I am making tonight for this new fellow I am fond of. I’m making a grand roast chicken and a delicious chocolate souffle for dessert. Cross your fingers no kitchen disasters come my way tonight!

This week was pretty easy in comparison to nearly every other one of this new year. I got back to basics in my evenings and it has given me much solace. The season finale of Downton Abbey started off the week with a bang. I am so enthralled with that show! So much so that I took to watching Downton Tabby in order to maintain my “fix” for that show. Yes I admit it, I need to go through detox! I also got in a couple of evening runs, a good strengthening workout with Kendra, and I started and finished this book. An amazing story of the life of a woman in China in the 1830’s. Fascinating! Next week I hope to blog about said feast and start another book and get that sewing machine cracking again and have one or two dinners with my amiga Erica who will be in town!! Oh and continue the no snacking effort which succeeded pretty well this week, you see, I just bought this dress for Lilly’s 1st birthday party and I am determined to look smashing in it!

But for now I leave you with two songs I am currently addicted to… this one is pretty, hopeful and has good energy.

This band is relatively new… and produced a very happy and sexy tune.

Sewing, Salads and Pinteresting- oh my!

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Hey Girl. Yeah you, like Hey Girl, like this. Isn’t Pinterest awesome?? It brings us funny things like that. Oh Gosling, you so handsome.

Anywayyyyyyssss. This week I finally made a pledge to myself to be healthy again. And I don’t want any fat face pictures for Spain, so there you go. Oh Spain… Did I tell you I’m going to Spain????? Well I am. Alicante and Barcelona for one whole week right after Thanksgiving and with my bestest girl cousins. CAN’T WAIT.

So in an effort to get that healthiness into gear, and in addition to two awesome trips to the gym this week, I made this twice. Arugula, roasted sweet potatoes and goat cheese, with lots of red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and peppa.

Now on to the sewing… I went poking around the pattern section at Joann’s one night and found a cute baby girl one for a shirt with rick rack trim. It said easy on the $3 package so I was sold! Go for the jump to see my handiwork…

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Cowboy Cookies and Renegade Sewing

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Holllllaaaaa friends. It’s Friday!!! Thank the dear sweet Lord that I have made it through these two past weeks. I’m not going to lie, it has been rough. With the boot, inability to exercise, coming to terms with 29 and my singledom…alot has been on my mind. There is this pin on pinterest and I keep going back to it. When I was young, at 29 I thought I would have been married with babies, but alas I am not and I need to appreciate that I do have alot of things already going for me: a really great job where I feel fulfilled and productive and amazing friends and family who would do anything for me. And I have my hobbies… baking, crafting, and running! Hopefully the running will come back sooner than later.  But I am so thankful I got my butt in gear tonight and got the former two things going on up in here!


Like these cookies, that will be delivered to a certain nameless person tomorrow evening. They came from the Baked Explorations cookbook, a book I should be pulling from more often! Those men know how to make delicious and creative baked goods. And after reading this post I agree that they are perfectly OCD in how they explain things, and I appreciate that so much!  These cookies are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and chewy and crispy. Now about that crafting bit.. last Sunday my dear sweet Auntie Martha got me a sweet Kenmore sewing machine (I have named her Sally!) and finally I got to use it! So go check out my baking and sewing projects…

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Wednesday Pinterest Musings

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