Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween from Denver!

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Wordless Wednesday: A wonderful Baltimore Weekend

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Wordless Wednesday: ORIOLES MAGIC!!

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GO O’S!!!!!!








Wordless Wednesday: A Fun Fall so Far

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Birthday Parties and Waiting Games

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Well happy middle of September folks! How the heck did that happen! Oh that’s right…. I was so overwhelmed by birthday weekend awesomeness and trying to prevent a cold from overwhelming my immune system, that I thought it would be okay to ignore this space for a little while. Pretty soon, I knew I would get a inquisitive post from KT wondering why I wasn’t blogging :D. Love you Katers. The other reason I ignore this space sometimes is that when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed from playing the waiting game or other life stress, I find it better to not write about it publicly. Just like with facebook, I like to use these public spaces to write about the joy going on in my life, rather than the annoying parts. Some people we all know would rather use facebook to complain, etc. But I don’t want to be those people!

Anyways, today I would like to share that fun Saturday from my birthday weekend and other fun news in terms of the waiting game. I don’t know if this would classify as the waiting game, but playing the field for a good year (or ten years if you really think about it) yielded me one great boyfriend. Jason is tall, kind, friendly, super nerdy smart and sweet to me. There are no promises on what the future holds, but for right now I have someone wonderful to spend my time with. The other news relates to that secret project from a couple of weeks ago. One snippet of good news came from that last week and another little snippet today. It might be a month to see what the outcome is, but I am counting my lucky stars right now that my hard work is paying off. So yes, there is much joie de vivre going on!!


You like my sign? I saw this one a long time ago and thought I could do a good enough version myself. πŸ˜€Β  Oh the space I rented at Black Ankle was just perfect for that day. It was pretty warm out so I’m glad we had a nice space in the shade and a lovely time to drink wine (thanks for that Auntie and BLT!) and feast on everyone’s creations.

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Wordless Wednesday: Turning 30 was the best…

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A Perfect Strawberry Filled 30th Birthday

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Here it is! 30 has come today and now I am officially old. πŸ˜€

Pinterest found this gem for me. I love it.

I am so thankful for my life. I’m so thankful to the family who raised me, to the friends who I’ve loved along my path, I’m thankful for my setbacks in life. They have made me who I am.

This is something I want to work on more. Listening to myself. And I need to adhere to this statement more too: Who cares if you fail! There will always be people to pick me up! And it will continue to shape me into a wholesome person! Here’s to 30 years of reckless unabashed living!!!




Can you tell I’ve been having the best weekend ever!!!!

Happy Labor Day Everybody!!!

Finding your Passion

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I had alot of fun on Tuesday. The new man has a very sweet dog. He remarked to me that he never had any good pictures of her. So Tuesday afternoon, while my mind wandered as I looked out my big office windows, I concocted an idea to have a nice photography shoot while we walked the doggie around Frederick that night. Meet Lucy. She has quite the personality and has some strange quirks to her too. She loves Jason. That is clear.


As I proceeded to be doggie photographer around town, I really felt alive. Having Annie back in the beginning of August helped me to remember some good spots. I love playing with the light and getting down on my belly in the grass to take pictures of her. I couldn’t wait to get home and (oh yeah, submit that secret project of mine) and then obsess over these pictures. I don’t know if this latest obsession will turn into anything, but I know it will help in the future when I start to have a family of my own and will make sure to document everything. πŸ˜€

That’s what I’m pondering over as this post is the “blog eve” post before my 30th birthday. What will be my passion as I turn into this new decade? It is clear that exercising leaves me broken alot, but I know that I need to get fit in order to improve my health and life in general… Maybe just walking and hiking will be it for me. It’s pretty hard to injure myself doing those two things. All I know is that my recent crafting, photography and baking projects have left me so content and proud of myself. Who wants to give me a job doing that! I am pretty wistful when I look at the blogs of these two awesome photographers and how they are so damn creative.Β  So maybe I’ll start a new career in some awesome science field, or maybe I’ll be able to stay home some day and start a family and do this photography thing on the side.Β  Or maybe I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and be content in that. But what I do know, is that I have a fantastic bunch of friends, a great new guy, and the most wonderful family to enjoy the ride with me.

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Wordless Wednesday: Elegant little Eleanor Marjorie

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Monday Night Baking Night

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Cookies. It was a cookie filled evening tonight. πŸ˜€ 120 to be exact! A double batch of this NY Times recipe. Which I have made here and here. It has kinda become a staple “favor” recipe for me and people go bonkers for it, so what’s not to love! Looking up that old link reminded me that I called my 27th birthday celebration at Woodberry Kitchen a LoveFeast. Well a LoveFeast is surely happening again this Saturday at Black Ankle. Even though I will be 2 days shy of 30 years old, it is going to be a grand celebration. I mean, look at this place. HEAVEN. and then there will be salted chocolate chip cookie favors. πŸ˜€


Anyways, I baked and I baked. Phone calls to Jen-Jen, Momma, and Abuelita kept me entertained as I skedaddled along. It helped having made the dough last night. Actually this recipe CALLS for that. Helps the gluten relax or some s**t like that. πŸ˜€


In addition to working on that “secret” project this weekend, I made sure I spent some good time doing things I actually enjoy. πŸ™‚ Like making these tags for the cookie favors! A glimpse of this is just one little detail I have in store for the decorations of the breezeway on Saturday! Ahhhhh I can’t wait!!!


The other thing that has been keeping me entertained, has also been costly. πŸ˜› I’ve been shopping!! On the Lilly Pulitzer website (sales baby!). As you can see below, the prints are soooooo pretty.


and I’ve been shopping around downtown Frederick. πŸ˜€ Took back some things to Talbots and scored a major deal on these pink patent pumps! 80% off the normal price! Then hopped over to Viniferous and picked up the bottle of rose that I had special ordered for me. They gave me a nice little birthday discount! So sweet- thanks Luke! And I hope I won’t have buyers remorse when the girls and I savor this baby after Black Ankle on Saturday!


And I decided that I needed to start reading again. Hours of Bravo and Lifetime movies just aren’t cutting it for me. The Paris Wife seems pretty good so far!Β  So other than this latest music addition…. I’ll be sending my baby secret project into cyberspace tomorrow, if you have a second, send some good vibes that way. It’s gonna take all I can to get that thing to work!

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