The Birds of Baltimore

February 6, 2013 at 1:13 am | Posted in Entertainment | 1 Comment

Have sustained me like no other this year. The Orioles and the RAVENS!!!!! Those teams have given my momma and I so much excitement, so much happiness, so many reasons to look forward to each new day.


Many years ago, I would scream at the television if sports were on and say “SPORTS!” cause I did not understand why paying attention was more important than whatever else I was doing…. It took these past seasons to understand what the love of a hometown team can truly do to your heart. This is it! I am a fan for life! No matter if they win or lose. I UNDERSTAND NOW. So Thank you Sports Teams for reinvigorating my life.

Go check out the videos on the Ravens website from the Parade, etc today. They made me laugh and cry.


In other news, my new vocation in the biopharma world is keeping me on my toes, stretching my skills and pushing my abilities to a new level. This also means that those hours I used to be cooking and blogging after work are now filled with work activities. We’ll see if that changes, but for now I am uber thankful I have something amazing to be contributing my time to. This new vocation is going to give me the funds to purchase my own place and for that I am thankful. Happy Ravens Purple Parade Tuesday BALTIMORE!!!


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