Checking in and My Essentials

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Well hello there!!! Isn’t this fun to be waiting four months between posts, ha! Yup, it is what it is. I can assure you and myself that I’ve been having a grand ol time in between all of these sporadic posts. What motivated me to write today was a delicious dinner I made some Saturdays ago thanks to Food Lion. Other than that meal, I’ve been making mostly simple things with lots of veggies, still packing up huge salads for lunch, and even started making kale smoothies last week for breakfast? And what does this mean? I’m eating vegetables for every single meal!! And what else does this mean? My clean eating is showing on me everywhere! It’s a beautiful thing when you have energy, like a lot of it, all day long, My bod is getting toned and my skin is pretty darn clear. It sounds cliche, but I think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I have the most challenging and rewarding job now. I’ve been saying to myself – this – this life right now – it can stay just as it is. There is nothing else I could ask for right now. 😀


And how happy was I, when I got an email from Food Lion PR saying, we would love for you to cook something up with our new line, on us! My buddy Anna and I went strolling throughout the aisles of Food Lion that Friday night and had a grand ol time. There are so many things that the My Essentials brand encompasses.  I would say this meal that I made was fun and tasty.


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